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Adakah Peugeot 2008 Akan Datang Dengan Focal Audio di Malaysia?

Pengeluar kereta kebanyakannya, terutama yang mempunyai aspirasi premium, cenderung bersahabat dengan pakar audio hi-fi yang diiktiraf untuk hiburan dalam kereta. Bagi Peugeot, jenama yang mereka bekerjasama dipanggil Focal, sebuah syarikat Perancis yang telah mengeluarkan alat pembesar suara studio dan rumah sejak tahun 1979.

Focal dan Peugeot mula bekerja antara satu sama lain pada tahun 2014, tetapi model Peugeot yang pertama mengunakan Focal adalah 3008 dan 5008 baharu tahun 2016. Kedua-dua model kini dihasilkan di negara ini di Gurun, tetapi mereka nampaknya tidak dilengkapi dengan sistem audio Focal.

Tetapi ada kemungkinan Peugeot yang baharu akan datang ke Malaysia dengan Focal Audio. Segmen pasaran ini agak sesak, dan apabila Proton X50 menyertainya, pengeluar lain perlu menggunakan semua yang mereka perlu untuk bersaing.

Pada tahun 2008, persediaan audio Focal mempunyai 10 pembesar suara termasuk empat tweeter kubah terbalik aluminium, empat 165 mm woofer, saluran pusat 80 mm dengan konvol Polyglass serta tiga 200mm gegelung suara Power Flower subwoofer. Semua terikat dengan amplifier 515- watt kelas hibrid 12-hala AB / D aktif.

Siaran Media

Since 2014 and more particularly since 2016 with the launch of the new 3008 & 5008, PEUGEOT has partnered up with the prestigious French brand FOCAL to design its on-board hi-fi systems. The two tricolour manufacturers share identical brand values, an essential starting point for a perfect collaboration.

FOCAL is recognised as a world leader in the manufacture of hi-fi solutions. Based in Saint-Étienne (France), this French company manufactures loudspeakers for the home and multimedia, audio systems for cars, monitoring loudspeakers for recording studios and audiophile headphones. All Focal products are designed and developed in France: they enjoy nearly 40 years of innovation in exclusive acoustic technologies.

Focal engineers are involved very early on in a new vehicle project. From the very first architectural sketches, many criteria are decisive in order to give the best possible sound image while respecting the criteria of feasibility, layout, performance…

  • Mapping, for example, which makes it possible to send navigation messages only to the driver, while the other occupants listen to music,
  • Zoning, which allows the contents to be fully customised, placing each passenger in their own sound bubble, without mutual interference.
    Whatever the source emitted, the acoustic dashboard ensures exceptional sound distribution, foreshadowing future uses of sound broadcasting in the car.


2019: thanks to the FOCAL Premium Hi-Fi System with 10 speakers, driving in the city and in the great outdoors on board the new SUV PEUGEOT 2008 is a real pleasure. Once again the result of co-design work and cross-design of the strategic parts (upholstery, doors, grilles, etc.), the acoustic installation is perfectly suited to the urban SUV. Long development sessions on prototypes guarantee the high quality of the Focal sound and the richness of the music scene, for the enjoyment of music fans as well as the most demanding music lovers.
Much more than just a partnership

With PEUGEOT and FOCAL joining forces to create an exceptional listening experience in the car, the two brands are also working together beyond the mere design of a Hi-Fi system tailored to a vehicle. Indeed, they are committed to all the details upstream and downstream that will simply serve the sound, the creations and participate ever more in a unique experience. Therefore, to fully discover and feel the mastery of the FOCAL Premium Hi-Fi System on board PEUGEOT vehicles, the teams called on French composer Benjamin Shielden to write a musical track: Golden Lion. This exclusive track, through strength and greatness, showcases the quality of the audio system and listening environment during demonstrations.

PEUGEOT and FOCAL share their constant quest for acoustic perfection while imagining their common future.

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