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Jaguar Land Rover Akan Menggunakan Panasonic nanoe Tech Tidak Lama Lagi

Penyelidikan Jaguar Land Rover ke dalam teknologi nanoe X Panasonic menunjukkan keberkesanannya dalam kabin membenteras COVID-19.

Dalam memerangi COVID-19, pengeluar kereta telah membina kabin ‘bebas virus’ dengan cara yang berbeza-beza. Geely (dan kemudian Proton) cepat mengambil kesempatan dengan sistem penapisan IAPS N95 mereka.


Kemudian Honda pula menyatakan bahawa mereka mempunyai sistem penapis yang cukup kukuh untuk beberapa model JDM mereka.


Sekarang Jaguar Land Rover pula mengatakan bahawa mereka mempunyai satu yang mampu menghalang 97% virus dan bakteria udara. Mereka bekerjasama dengan Panasonic (yang juga rakan Jaguar dalam Formula E) untuk menguji teknologi nanoe X dalam sistem penyaman udara sekarang.

Inilah siaran media JLR dengan lebih maklumat.


Jaguar Land Rover’s future cabin air purification technology has been shown in laboratory tests to inhibit viruses and airborne bacteria by as much as 97 per cent. 

The prototype heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system uses Panasonic’s nanoe™ X** technology to inhibit harmful bacteria and viruses, and will help the cabins of future Jaguar and Land Rover models to deliver a unique customer experience. The research comes as Jaguar Land Rover defines its future strategy: a sustainability-rich reimagination of modern luxury, unique customer experiences, and positive societal impact.

Jaguar Land Rover partnered with Perfectus Biomed Ltd, a leading microbiology and virology lab, to perform the world-leading laboratory-based sealed-chamber test designed to simulate a vehicle ventilation system in recirculation mode over a 30-minute cycle. The independent research showed that viruses and bacteria were inhibited by as much as 97 per cent.

Panasonic’s innovative nanoe™ X technology has also been tested on novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2*) by Texcell, a global research organisation that specialises in viral testing and immunoprofiling, and is one of the laboratories in the world with permission to test against novel coronavirus. It found more than 99.995 per cent of the virus was inhibited during the two-hour laboratory test***.

To provide active air purification the nanoe™ X technology – ten times more effective than its predecessor nanoe™ – uses a high voltage to create trillions of Hydroxyl (OH) Radicals enveloped in nano-sized water molecules****. These OH Radicals denature the virus and bacteria proteins, helping inhibit their growth. The OH Radicals deodorise and inhibit allergens in a similar way to create a cleaner air environment for customers.

This pioneering research will allow Jaguar Land Rover to offer the next generation of advanced cabin air filtration in the future. Models^ across the Jaguar range, including the new all-electric Jaguar I-PACE performance SUV, and Land Rover line-up – including the Discovery and Range Rover Evoque – currently offer nanoe™ technology and PM2.5 filtration. An innovative pre-conditioning feature is also available so customers can enable the system before getting into the vehicle.

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