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Genesis G80 (dulu Hyundai Genesis) Semua Baharu Dilancar Online

Tidak lama dahulu Hyundai ada pesaing E-Class yang stabil dalam bentuk Hyundai Genesis generasi ke-2. Kereta itu dilancarkan di Malaysia. Malangnya, pada masa yang sama, Hyundai Motor Group memutuskan untuk memisahkan jenama mewahnya sendiri yang membawa nama ‘Genesis’.

Hyundai Genesis generasi 2, atau Genesis G80 pertama

Hyundai Genesis akhirnya menjadi kereta pertama jenama itu dan tentu saja, perlu ditukar nama supaya tidak dipanggil Genesis Genesis. Ia mengambil nama alfanumerik ‘G80’.

G80 baharu ini mempunyai rupa dan rasa upmarket. Profil tepi menunjukkan bumbung yang lebih mencondong dan gaya yang berasal dari coupé.

Di dalamnya, ia sama techy sama mewah. Anda mendapat paparan heads-up, sebuah cluster 12.3 inci, dan paparan sistem infotainment 14.5 inci. Ini dikawal oleh peranti input ‘sentuh-dan-tulis’. Butang fizikal minimum, dan kain lembut, kulit, dan kayu pore terbuka membentuk sebagian besar kabin.

Penggunaan aluminium yang banyak di dalam badan (19%) telah menurunkan berat badan G80 yang baharu ini sebanyak 125kg. Tiga enjin ditawarkan di sini, petrol inline-4 Turbo 4L (304 kuasa kuda, 421Nm), petrol 3.5L Turbo V6 (380 kuasa kuda, 530Nm) dan 2.2L Turbo inline-4 diesel (210 kuasa kuda). Walaupun tidak dinyatakan, Genesis G80 ini mungkin membawa kelajuan automatik konvensional 8-kelajuan. Ia datang sebagai model pemacu roda belakang dalam konfigurasi asasnya tetapi AWD juga tersedia.

Siaran Media

The All-new Genesis G80 made its digital world premiere today. It represents both the third generation of the brand’s executive sedan and a decade-plus of mid-luxury leadership from Genesis’ parent company.

A Luxury Competitor, Regarded for Quality, Safety 

Since its 2015 launch, Genesis has expanded its presence in the global luxury car market to include the U.S., Canada, Russia, Australia and Middle East in addition to South Korea. Several recent accolades include: 

  • J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS): Genesis ranked #1 in 2020 debut appearance
  • J.D. Power Initial Quality Study (IQS): Genesis ranked # 1 for two years in a row
  • IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK +: TSP+ across entire sedan lineup (G70, G80, G90)

Athletic Elegance Elevated

The story of the G80 begins with the brand’s emblem which inspires the crest grille and Quad Lamps, the distinctive face of every Genesis.

On the side, the Parabolic Line, which begins at the front Quad Lamp and gradually runs lower to the rear through the top of the door, is inspired by the elegant look of several venerable classic cars. This elegant line is counter-balanced by athletic “power lines” emphasizing the strength of fender volume and the upfitted 20-inch wheels. In addition, the chrome trim beginning from behind the front wheels stretches out along at the bottom of the door, crosses the side sills and swells upwards to the rear, strengthening forward visual motion.

The rear view features a dramatic, tapered look – highlighted by a sloping decklid and rear Quad Lamps which visually link to those in front. Chrome decor at the top of the trunk stretches the full-width repeating the theme of the Genesis emblem, while the dual exhaust finishers reference the Crest Grill design.

The steering wheel and sleek, thin air vents run across the passenger compartment splitting it into the panoramic area above and the control area below. The number of hard buttons and switches was intentionally kept to a minimum, both for aesthetic purposes and ease of use.

In the panoramic area, a heads-up display, a 12.3-inch cluster and a 14.5-inch infotainment system display necessary information while driving.

The control area is equipped with an intuitive suite of interfaces: a Genesis integrated controller for HVAC controls, a rotary-operated electronic shift dial and touch-and-write infotainment system. 

G80’s leading interior space has been further developed. Both headroom and legroom were increased by lowering the seating height of the second row, allowing for both more interior room and a more dramatic roofline. Completing the space, the G80 features leather seating, steering wheel surfaces, soft-touch fabrics and coatings as well as open pore wood trim finishes.

Dynamic Luxury Begins with a Solid Foundation, Powertrain Innovations

The G80’s platform represents a brand-exclusive, third-generation, rear-wheel drive platform with a design that lowers the body and the center of gravity to secure a wider cabin and improved driving stability.

The use of lightweight materials was a distinct focus. Aluminum is used for about 19 percent of the body, reducing the weight by 125 kg (275 lbs) compared to the previous one, thus increasing fuel efficiency and performance.  (2nd Generation G80 3.3 Gasoline 2WD, 18inch tire=1,910 kg / 3rd Generation G80 2.5 T 2WD, 18inch tire=1,785kg)

Engineered for world markets and customer needs, the G80 features three powertrains:

  • 2.5-liter turbocharged Inline-4: 304 horsepower (PS), 43. 0 kgf·m torque
  • 3.5-liter turbocharged V6: 380 horsepower (PS), 54.0 kgf·m torque
  • Diesel 2.2-liter Inline-4: 210 horsepower (PS), 45.0 kgf·m torque

And because performance doesn’t mean acceleration to everybody, acoustic glass is utilized for the windshield and all doors. Similarly, the G80 features improved door sealing, new engine compartment sound insulation and resonant sound-reducing wheels to ensure indoor quietness and class-leading, low levels of noise (NVH). In addition, the Electronically Controlled Suspension with Road Preview, enhances ride quality by reducing road impacts using information supplied through the front camera.

Cutting-Edge Safety Technology

In keeping with the brand’s safety platform, G80 applies standard active and passive safety systems, as part of a brand-level engineering commitment to passenger security. State-of-the-art, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) include:

  • Highway Driving Assist II (HDA II) : This system helps assist the driver in a wider variety of situations than before, including during lane change maneuvers when the turn signal is used, and when others merge in front of you.
  • Smart Cruise Control with Machine Learning (SCC-ML) : A world first, SCC-ML, as applied to the GV80 SUV earlier this year, incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) within the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) feature that helps the car to independently learn the driving characteristics of – and assist – its driver.
  • Pre active Safety Seat (PSS) : This adjusts a passenger seat to a safe position by pulling the seat back forward in order to keep the passenger safe in the event of a forward collision or sudden braking/turning. 
  • Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) : This system may help automatically bring G80 to a stop in certain situations where there is a risk of collision with an approaching vehicle detected on the left or right side of the intersection. G80 may also help detect potential collision risks in certain situations where a pedestrian is detected in close proximity to the vehicle while in motion, for example.
  • Blind-Spot Collision Avoidance Assist (BCA) : BCA is essentially a Blind Spot Monitor with active capabilities. BCA helps reduce the chance of potential impact with a moving vehicle and may alert the driver if a vehicle is detected in the driver’s blind-spot.  

A complement of 10 air bags includes front and side airbags as well as a center airbag, between the front seat occupants, that helps prevent secondary contact between occupants in a side impact 

In addition, the Genesis safety platform works to integrate communications between around 40 controllers in real time to help ensure the right response in various scenario.

Next-Generation, Technology-Enabled Luxury

The G80 offers a high level of convenience to drivers with a suite of new technology. Each new feature is focused on further and seamlessly integrating the G80 with its client’s lifestyle, home, devices and preferences. A selection of highlighted features includes:

  • The Remote Smart Parking Assistant (RSPA) provides remote drive/reverse functions that facilitate parking in narrow spaces, as well as perpendicular parking and parallel parking.  This can be controlled within the car or outside, remotely via the key fob.
  • The 12.3-inch 3D cluster recognizes the driver’s eyes and provides various driving information and can also be converted to 2D screens on the driver’s preference. 
  • The Genesis Integrated Controller allows users to set destinations or enter phone numbers by simply writing on the main control center instead of complicated keyboard input. 
  • A 14.5-inch touchscreen infotainment system integrates with the Genesis Integrated Controller to support AR navigation, Genesis QuickGuide, Genesis Carpay and Valet mode. 
  • Genesis CarPay, a feature unique to the South Korean market currently, helps to simplify out-of-car payments like refueling. It is a simple in-car payment service that allows drivers to easily pay through the navigation screen without the hassle of separately using cash or a credit card.
  • The Valet mode is a function that enhances security so that users’ personal information does not appear on infotainment screens when using a Valet parking service.
  • Home Connect (Car-to-Home, Home-to-Car) functionality that integrates with smart home technology features and applications
  • Phone Connectivity including Android Auto and Apple Car Play
  • Over-the-air, wireless updates to the navigation system.

With an eye toward the senses, luxury-focused items include:

  • The driver’s seat is equipped with an ergo motion seat function featuring seven air cells, which enables optimum seating for each driving mode and reduces fatigue via a stretching mode and automatic posture correction functions. 
  • Ambient mood lamps applied throughout the interior add sensitivity to the passenger space in various colors. 
  • The Lexicon sound system allows passengers to enjoy the vivid sound effects of a concert, such as “Quantum Logic Surround Audience Mode/Stage Mode,” adding to the joy of listening.
  • The first row HVAC system allows the driver to adjust the heated/ventilated seats in the second row. Also, passengers in the second row can adjust the air conditioning mode/temperature independently of the first row. (* Air flow controlling of first and second row is synchronized.)
  • From a sound standpoint, Genesis has enhanced the engine’s sound with its Active Sound Design (ASD), standard on G80 gasoline engines, adding an additional level of customization. 
  • The dual rear-seat touchscreen displays, allow right and left rear seat passengers to use video and audio inputs independently, enabling them to enjoy content that suits their preferences.
  • An automatic, twin-filter air purification system is applied to the G80 which activates an air cleaning mode when cabin sensors detect certain fine-dust thresholds.


The all-new G80 enters the marketplace on March 30th in South Korea and in the second half of the year in other markets, starting with North America.

*Specifications and features discussed are for Korean-market. International market features TBC.


Overall Length (mm/in.)4,995 / 196.7
Width (mm/in.)1,925 / 75.8
Height (mm/in.)1,465 / 57.7
Wheelbase(mm/in.)3,010 / 118.5
DriveRWD / AWD
EngineGasoline 2.5 TGasoline 3.5 TDiesel 2.2
(PS / HP)
304 / 300380 / 375210 / –
(kgf·m / lb.-ft.)
43 / 31154 / 39145 / –

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