BMW Untuk Mendigitalkan Bilik Pamerannya Di Seluruh Dunia

Tidak lama lagi bilik pameran BMW yang dengan kaca dan logam akan menjadi pusat perkhidmatan sahaja.

Dengan langkah-langkah agresif untuk menawarkan lebih banyak kenderaan elektrik di bilik pameran mereka, terdapat cara baharu untuk berhubung dengan pelanggan. BMW Group mengambil arah baharu dalam mendapatkan pelanggan dan cara ia menawarkan produk dan perkhidmatannya bahkan kepada pelanggan di Malaysia.

Covid-19 telah mengubah cara kereta dijual di banyak pasaran dan BMW Group telah menyesuaikan langkah baharu ini di 60 pasaran di seluruh dunia. Malah pesaing terdekatnya bergerak ke arah ini kerana mereka juga mengeluarkan kenyataan baru-baru ini.


Malaysia telah mula bersiap sedia untuk melancarkan jangkauan pemasaran baharu ini. Pada bulan Julai 2020, versi terbaharu BMW X5, xDrive45e Sport diberi pengalaman augmented reality (AR).

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KENYATAAN MEDIA BMW: The BMW Group forged ahead with digitalisation of its sales and marketing last year, partly in response to the coronavirus pandemic and customers’ desire for the sales process to be as contact-free as possible: Sales representatives in more than 60 markets are now able to advise customers and sell vehicles from any location. They can configure vehicles together with the customer using a shared screen, for instance, or give them a virtual tour of the cars they have in stock.


The second step was for the company to take the sales process for retail partners largely online via its high-traffic websites in key markets. This will be rolled out in other markets in 2021.

As part of its new sales strategy, the BMW Group, with its retail partners, is planning to give customers the option of buying their individually configured custom vehicle entirely online in the future and having it delivered to their front door – creating an entire online customer journey that is completely seamless: from configuration to ordering and through the use phase. This will allow customers to experience BMW Group products and services customized for them in the best possible way.

Electric vehicle owners can also configure products and services from BMW Charging and MINI Charging individually to create a charging solution tailored to their needs which is for charging at home or on the go.


Annual investment of triple-digit million amount up to 2025 in digitalization of sales and marketing

“We will be investing a triple-digit million euro amount annually up to 2025 in the digitalization of our sales and marketing and are working together with our retail partners to offer the industry’s best customer experience going forward,” said Pieter Nota, BMW Board Member. “If customers choose to share their data with us, thanks to digitalised processes, we can get to know their wishes and preferences better than ever. We know which products or services they might be interested in. Having this as a basis enables us to provide an individual offering, customized for them, including all features and services, from a single source,” Nota continued.


Digital aftersales upgrades will substantially contribute to highly profitable optional equipment business in the future

The BMW Group also wants to significantly expand the range of vehicle functions available as digital aftersales upgrades. This will make it easier for customers to equip their vehicle with options that meet their wishes and individual mobility needs.

Customers will also be able to activate additional features, such as driver assistance systems, selected light and sound packages, or even suspension set-up. These features are also offered for a limited time – benefiting customers who lease or rent their vehicle and only drive it for a certain period.

The company expects the proportion of vehicle functions available as digital aftersales upgrades to account for a significant percentage of its highly profitable optional equipment business in the future.

Customers decide how data is used

The high standards customers expect from BMW Group products and services set the benchmark for handling their data. Customers decide for themselves whether to make personal data available to the BMW Group so it can optimize their experience of the company’s products and services.

The personal BMW ID (identification number) customers use to access the entire BMW Group digital ecosystem, as well as the new My BMW and MINI apps, serve as an interface for individualized customer dialogue and already enable many new features – from using a smartphone as the car key to integration of Amazon Alexa.

New marketing agency model “THE MARCOM ENGINE” enables implementation of new marketing strategy

The new marketing agency model “THE MARCOM ENGINE” lays the foundation for a personalized and targeted customer approach at BMW and MINI in the future. The BMW Group has reorganized its marketing agency landscape in Europe for this purpose. Instead of over 80 partners operating regionally, the company will concentrate on two higher-level agencies, whose portfolios complement each other perfectly, for implementing the new marketing concept.

Customers can experience new sales and marketing approach for the first time with launch of BMW iX and BMW i4

Customers will benefit from the BMW Group’s new sales and marketing strategy for the first time with the introduction of the new BMW iX and BMW i4. BMW and MINI customers will be able to take advantage of a steadily expanding range of additional vehicle functions available as digital aftersales upgrades, as well as a seamless and especially customer-centric configuration process with personalized options.

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