Sime Darby Motors Malaysia Bekerjasama Dengan SpareXhub

Mencari alat ganti tulen adalah kebiasaan bagi banyak pemilik kereta, terutama bagi mereka yang jaminan pengeluar yang telah tamat tempoh. Syukurlah, ini boleh menjadi cerita lama berkat kerjasama Sime Darby Motors Malaysia (SDM Malaysia) dan SpareXhub.

Dimiliki oleh ACS Pentas (Asia) Sdn Bhd, SpareXhub adalah platform e-commerce khusus di mana pelanggan mendapatkan, memesan dan membeli alat ganti asli jenama pilihan mereka dari keselesaan rumah atau pejabat mereka.

SpareXhub baru-baru ini mengumumkan penambahan Porsche kepada senarai jenama yang ada. Porsche diedarkan oleh Sime Darby Auto Performance (SDAP), yang merupakan unit di bawah Motors Division of Sime Darby Berhad.

Kerjasama dengan SpareXhub diharapkan dapat meningkatkan kecekapan operasi SDM Malaysia khususnya pengurusan ruang gudang dan inventori alat ganti.


Sime Darby Motors Malaysia (SDM Malaysia) has teamed up with SpareXhub, in its ongoing efforts to further digitalize the customer experience to offer vehicle owners an additional avenue to purchase genuine automotive spare parts at highly competitive prices.

“This collaboration is a good example of how we consistently innovate and leverage on technology partners to enhance the customer journey, especially in the face of the current pandemic limiting in-person experience. It is also in line with our digital transformation plan to have end-to-end digital solutions by allowing contactless orders, payment and delivery, for an improved customer experience. Car owners, especially those without manufacturers’ warranties, can now have peace of mind when purchasing genuine spare parts from SpareXhub in a market that is flooded with original equipment manufacturer (OEM), aftermarket and used parts,” said Managing Director of SDM Malaysia’s Retail and Distribution arm, Jeffrey Gan.

“The digital transformation in the automotive industry is certainly opening up new opportunities for us. This collaboration will not only expand our digital outreach to customers with selected post warranty models, it will also cater to stockists and independent workshops who register on the online store at www.sparexhub.com,” he added.

The collaboration with SpareXhub, a genuine spare parts e-commerce platform owned by ACS Pentas (Asia) Sdn Bhd gives customers the ability to source, order and purchase original automotive spare parts of their preferred brands via a one-stop contactless platform from the comfort of their home or office, and at unbeatable prices. Besides the benefit to customers, SDM Malaysia stands to gain operational efficiency by freeing up warehouse space and better management of parts inventory by increasing stock turnover and reducing obsolescence.

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