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Porsche Impact Kini di Malaysia Mengimbangi Pelepasan CO2 Dengan Sumbangan Amal

Percaya atau tidak, Pelanggan Porsche Malaysia yang ingin mengimbangi pelepasan yang mereka keluarkan sekarang dapat menggunakan platform Porsche Impact. Porsche Impact akan membantu pelanggan mengira jejak CO2 Porsche mereka. Ia kemudian mengarahkan mereka untuk menyumbang untuk projek-projek yang dapat mengimbangi kesan persekitaran dari kereta sport mereka.

Pelepasan CO2 dikira berdasarkan penggunaan, jarak perbatuan tahunan, dan program sokongan yang dipilih. Porsche biasa yang dipandu 15,000km setiap tahun dengan penggunaan bahan bakar 12L / 100km akan menghasilkan sumbangan 46 hingga 104 euro setahun. Itu sekitar RM220-RM500 setahun.

Platform Porsche Impact dilancarkan pada 2018 dan hari ini memasuki 15 pasaran baru, termasuk Malaysia, Singapura dan Indonesia.

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Following a successful pilot phase, the Zuffenhausen-based sports car manufacturer is expanding its CO2 compensation programme, Porsche Impact. In addition to Germany, Great Britain, Poland and the USA, the service is now available in 15 further countries, including China, Canada, Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia, French Polynesia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia and the Philippines.

Using an online calculator, Porsche customers can determine the CO2 footprint of their sports car and financially support projects to compensate for it. During the pilot period, which took place between December 2018 and April 2020, around 45,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide were offset. Porsche is also taking advantage of the compensation option, which was developed in association with its subsidiary Porsche Digital, on a company-wide basis. Since the end of November 2018, the CO2 emissions of the Porsche AG fleet have been neutralised. In addition to compensation programmes like Porsche Impact, the Zuffenhausen-based sports car manufacturer prioritises measures to avoid and reduce CO2 emissions.

All revenues go to international climate projects
As part of Porsche Impact, customers can choose between various internationally certified projects: The available initiatives focus on forest protection in the USA, sustainable habitat protection in Zimbabwe and energy generation through hydro and wind power in Vietnam and China. There are also country-specific forest conservation projects in Canada and Australia.

The particular compensation contribution is based on consumption, annual mileage and the selected support programme. For example, the compensation amount for a Porsche vehicle that has driven 15,000 kilometres with an average consumption of 12 litres per 100 kilometres is between 46 and 104 euros per year.

Sustainability initiatives along the entire supply chain
Sustainability is a central component of Porsche’s corporate strategy. Alongside compensation offers like Porsche Impact, the sports car manufacturer is reducing CO2 emissions from its own business activities, through avoidance and reduction measures in particular. There are many initiatives along the supply chain that contribute to the Paris climate protection goal.

For example, at its main Zuffenhausen factory, Porsche exclusively uses electricity from renewable energies and biogas for heat generation. The production of the fully-electric Porsche Taycan at the site is also CO2-neutral. In addition, Porsche relies on environmentally friendly rail transport solutions and on electric and gas-powered trucks for the transport of logistics.

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