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Hanya 300 Unit GT Alpine A110 Légende Akan Dibuat

Terdapat edisi terhad baharu Alpine A110 Légende GT dan hanya 300 yang akan dibuat untuk pasaran Eropah.

A110 by Alpine adalah sebuah kereta sukan kecil yang diinginkan dari pakatan Renault Nissan Mitsubishi. Selama bertahun-tahun, syarikat ini telah memperkenalkan sejumlah varian untuk mengekalkan kegembiraan di pasaran untuk si kecil molek ini. Tahun lalu, kami mendapat A110 Légende. Tahun ini, mereka menghasilkan 300 unit A110 Légende GT.

Apa yang baharu:

  • enjine 292hp dari A110S
  • Matte Mercury Silver (baharu) luar + kulit Black dengan sulaman kelabu Sabelt Comfort® bucket seats ATAU Abyss Blue luar + kulit Amber Brown dengan Sabelt Comfort® seats
  • Monogram Pale Gold Alpine
  • Roda 18″ Grand Prix diamond-cut
  • Vibrant gold calliper brek
  • Lampu belakang LED Translucent

Selebihnya kereta hampir sama dengan A110 Légende. Ini siaran media Alpine dengan lebih maklumat.



Alpine presents the A110 LÉGENDE GT 2021, a limited edition of just 300 units for Europe. In this incarnation, the A110 LÉGENDE GT 2021 takes the A110 to new heights with a hitherto unseen elegance.  

Based on the Légende version, the A110 LÉGENDE GT 2021 re-interprets the features of the GT coupé, adopting the 292hp engine of the A110S to create an entirely new fusion of comfort and performances. 

After the success of the A110 LÉGENDE GT, launched in 2020, the LÉGENDE GT 2021 has been endowed with specific new design components and high-level equipment to match the expectations of a top of the range clientele. It is also enhanced by technical characteristics that underline the sporty nature of the A110, borrowing the 292hp powertrain of the A110S. 

Beyond the new design interpretation, it is the combination of engine and chassis that allows Alpine to present this unprecedented model.  

Two design combinations for two worlds of expression

  • Modernity and technical sophistication  
    The brand-new mat Mercury Silver exterior paintwork and the black leather Sabelt Comfort® bucket seats, with their grey stitching, confer on the A110 LÉGENDE GT 2021 a resolutely sporty look that invites you to get out on the road.  
  • Elegance and refinement  
    The Abyss Blue of the bodywork and exclusive Amber Brown leather of the Sabelt Comfort® seats immerse you in an environment that is determinedly GT. 

Introducing the new mat Mercury Silver finish, the A110 LÉGENDE GT 2021 is also available in the Abyss Blue, already known in the range. The pale gold Alpine monograms and 18″ Grand Prix diamond-cut wheel rims with their vibrant gold brake callipers provide a subtle contrast to the two body colours. The translucent LED rear lights bring the final touch that differentiates the A110 LÉGENDE GT 2021 from the other A110s. 

In the cabin, the six-way adjustable Sabelt Comfort® leather seats are available in either amber or black, with matching leather door panels. The brown or grey stitching has a matching mid-point marker on the steering wheel. Amongst the other distinctive elements, we must mention the Dinamica headliner and glossy carbon fibre elements with a unique copper weave on the centre console, dashboard visor and air vents. The floor mat and aluminium footrest on the passenger’s side complete the welcoming atmosphere and Grand Tourisme spirit of the limited edition A110 LÉGENDE GT 2021. Below the centre console, a numbered plate emphasises the exclusivity of the model. 

The choice of mat Mercury Silver with a harmonious black interior for a modern, technical look or Abyss Blue matched with amber leather for an elegant, refined ambience is a matter of personal taste. The driving experience, however, is most assuredly Alpine: agility, comfort and performance. 

High-level technical specifications

Along with its elegant exterior design and distinctive cabin, the A110 LÉGENDE GT 2021 is distinguished by its unprecedented chassis / engine combination. Based on the Légende version, it adopts the 292hp powertrain, Sport exhaust and high-performance brake system, hitherto available only on the A110S, to provide a balance of comfort and performances never seen before on the A110 It is built on a lightweight aluminium structure, with a centrally mounted rear engine and double wishbone suspension (front and rear). The 1.8 litre turbocharged engine delivers 292hp, for a torque of 320Nm between 2,000 and 6,400 rpm. Its lightness and dual clutch transmission allow the A110 LÉGENDE GT 2021 to go from 0 to 60mph in just 4.4 seconds and reach a top speed of 155mph on the track. As well as this limited edition’s bespoke finishes, the vehicle boasts lots of equipment as standard: front and rear parking sensors, reversing camera and Focal audio system. Thus, the A110 LÉGENDE GT 2021 delivers the right balance of comfort and precise dynamic behaviour that makes it easy to drive every day.  

As an extra guarantee of exclusivity and distinction, the A110 LÉGENDE GT 2021 will be available in a numbered, limited edition of just 300 units for Europe.  

Reserve one with the Alpine app

The A110 LÉGENDE GT 2021, like all versions of the A110, can be reserved using the Alpine App. First, you need to download the app from the iOS / Android stores and create your account. Once your account is created, you have access to all the features of the Alpine App, including receiving notifications of Alpine’s latest news and reserving your car. Reservation takes a single click and if you change your mind, you can get full refund of your deposit at any time, with no costs. Then select the Alpine Centre of your choice where you should go to convert your reservation into an order. At this stage, you are still able to change the specifications of your car. Once the order is placed, you become a new member of the Alpine family. 

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