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Renault Koleos Facelift Baharu Dilancarkan Di Malaysia

Renault Koleos dikemas kini di Malaysia, tersedia untuk langganan.

Mungkin mengejutkan, tetapi Renault Koleos sudah ada di Malaysia selama lebih dari 10 tahun. Model generasi pertama muncul di sini pada tahun 2010 dan ini diikuti oleh model generasi ke-2 pada tahun 2016. Pada akhir tahun 2019, kami mendapat kemas kini kecil untuk Koleos. Hari ini, TC Euro Cars memberi kita facelift penuh generasi kedua Renault Koleos.

Tiga varian tersedia, semuanya dikuasakan oleh enjin petrol 2.5L dengan automatik X-Tronic CVT.

Untuk tahun 2021, inilah yang baharu / standard dalam Koleos:

  • Lampu depan penuh LED PureVision dan lampu belakang LED adalah standard
  • Lampu depan LED PureVision 10% lebih cekap
  • Lampu isyarat sequential belakang
  • Kluster lampu ekor 3D baharu
  • Upholsteri kulit Black Riviera dengan hiasan kayu bergaris gelap
  • Pintu belakang kuasa hands free
  • Highland Silver menggantikan pilihan warna badan Ultra Silver
  • Sistem Lipat Mudah tempat duduk belakang
  • 8.7″ skrin sentuh potret dengan Apple CarPlay dan Android Auto
  • Roda aloi 18″

Varian Signature dan Signature Plus

  • Roda aloi 19″
  • Upholsteri kulit Sand Grey Nappa baharu dengan hiasan kayu Grey bijirin semulajadi
  • Tempat duduk depan berventilasi dengan penyesuaian kusyen panjang dan pelindung kepala Relax lebar
  • Fungsi urut dan memori kerusi untuk pemandu
  • Sunroof panoramik elektrik

Varian Signature Plus

  • skirt bumper depan dan belakang, side step berwarna kelabu
  • Dash cam depan dan belakang

Siaran media Renault dengan lebih maklumat di bawah.


TC Euro Cars (“TCEC”) today launched its flagship premium SUV, new Renault Koleos 2021 with three upgraded variants, the Koleos, Koleos Signature and Koleos Signature Plus. The spacious SUV with a refined interior and muscular exterior will be available for both purchase and subscription with a variety of curated plans.

With its robust, high-end design, promising comfort and outstanding performance, the Renault Koleos has successfully established itself as a benchmark in the large SUV segment. With its new assertive design and more sophisticated interior, the new Koleos is as attractive as ever. 

Powering the new Renault Koleos is the proven 2.5-litre petrol engine delivering 171 PS and peak torque of 226Nm coupled with the X-Tronic CVT automatic transmission, providing a balance of performance and efficiency for your utmost driving enjoyment.

New Renault Koleos is now available for purchase as per the below price details (applicable till 30th June 2021):

Customers who prefer not to commit to lengthy hire-purchase tenures, may opt for our unique vehicle “ownership” experience through one of the Renault Subscription plans. Subscription pricing details are as follows:


For its 2021 Model Year, the Renault Koleos sports a new lighting signature with PureVision full LED head and tail lamps maintained as standard across all variants. Renault’s new generation PureVision LED technology maintains excellent lighting performance whilst achieving a 10% improvement in energy efficiency compared to its predecessor. At the rear, dynamic turn indicators have been incorporated into the redesigned 3D-style cluster. 

The Signature and Signature Plus variants, come with an electric panoramic sunroof, adding a premium touch while enhancing the in-cabin ambience.


Step inside the new Koleos and you will find a generous ergonomically designed space with meticulous attention to detail in the trim and finish. Updated for 2021, two fresh interior styles are available; the Koleos comes with an elegant black Riviera leather upholstery with dark striped wood trim while the Signature and Signature Plus trims come with luxurious new Sand Grey Nappa leather upholstery with natural grain Grey wood trim.

Signature and Signature Plus variants come with a suite of luxury features including ventilated front seats with cushion length adjust and wide Relax headrests for added support. The driver receives extra care with massage and memory seat functions ensuring a comfortable and relaxing drive.


Spend any amount of time in the new Renault Koleos and you will come to appreciate the #EasyLife technologies embedded within. Have you got your hands full? Swipe your foot underneath the rear bumper to open or close the boot. Hands-free power tailgate comes standard across all variants.

Take full advantage of the in-cabin space with its Easy Folding System. The seats fold completely to provide a flat floor. R-LINK2 navigation and multimedia is presented in a customisable 8.7” portrait touchscreen and comes with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ ready for a personalised drive. 

#EasyLife technologies bring you thoughtful innovations to help make driving easier, smoother and more enjoyable.


Like all Renault mainstream vehicles, the new Koleos comes with a five-year manufacturer warranty with 150,000km mileage. 

Aside from that, customers can look forward to a new Highland Silver colour offering that will be available, replacing its previous Ultra Silver. 

Test drives are available at selected Renault showrooms by appointment only and can be requested via the Renault Malaysia E-Store at

For more information about the Renault Koleos and Renault Malaysia, please visit or call 1800-18-8663 (Monday – Sunday, 8am – 8pm).

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