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MINI JCW Convertible Terungkap

MINI Convertible JCW akan dikemas kini bersama dengan yang lain.

Pada akhir Januari 2021, MINI mengemas kini keluarga 3-pintu, 5-pintu dan Convertible mereka secara global. Kemas kini ini agak kecil – kebanyakannya estetik dengan beberapa kemas kini peralatan.


Kami merangkumi banyak kemas kini ini dalam artikel ini, tetapi kini terdapat kemas kini khusus untuk model MINI Convertible John Cooper Works (JCW) yang kami rasa akan kami kongsi.

MINI Convertible JCW

Walau model lain dari MINI Convertible mempunyai output antara 102hp dan 178hp, MINI Convertible JCW melangkah lebih jauh. Enjin turbo 4 silinder 2.0 menghasilkan 231hp, membolehkan masa 0-100km / j hanya 6.6 saat. Transmisi pilihan Steptronic 8-kelajuan mengurangkan masa ini menjadi 6.5 saat.

Seperti yang dijangkakan, sorotan JCW lain termasuk lencana fender, kusen sisi JCW, stering JCW dan ekzos kembar tengah.

BHPetrol_Euro5 Diesel_2021

Selain itu, MINI Convertible JCW hadir dengan estetika terkini seperti yang lain. Ini termasuk warna badan Zesty Yellow yang lebih menarik, dan beberapa reka bentuk baharu berubah di bahagian depan, yang boleh anda baca dalam siaran media di bawah.

Siaran Media MINI

With fresh design accents and the expressive Zesty Yellow body colour, the new edition of the open-top four-seater now brings even more typical MINI style to the premium small car segment. New trims and equipment packages allow for particularly targeted individualisation.

Spring will not be long in coming. A particularly attractive harbinger of the warm season is already on the roads these days. With the market launch of the new MINI Convertible, the brand-typical driving pleasure and extroverted style in a small car reach an even higher level. The open four-seater of the British premium brand now underlines its unmistakable charisma with a clear and reduced design. The fresh accents on the exterior are expressed particularly intensively in conjunction with the exterior paint in the new Zesty Yellow variant available exclusively for the MINI Convertible.

The powerful bright yellow colour emphasises the lively appearance of the MINI Convertible. At the front of the vehicle, it also adorns the bumper strip, which serves as the number plate holder and is now no longer painted in black but always in the same colour as the car. The minimalist design language also brings the design features characteristic of the brand even more into focus. The hexagonal radiator grille has gained in size and presence, while black inner housings now make the round headlights look even more expressive. With LED units as standard, they provide bright and even illumination of the road. Vertical air inlets for the air curtains have replaced the fog lights.

Precise modifications to the side view include wheel arch surrounds with new contours. In addition, the side indicators integrated into the redesigned side scuttles are now also LED. At the rear, the clear surface design and the now standard LED lights in the distinctive Union Jack design catch the eye.

The MINI Convertible combines the enthusiasm for open-top driving pleasure with clever functionality. It’s fully electrically driven, and thus particularly quiet textile soft top can be opened and closed within 18 seconds at a time. The soft top can also be activated while driving at speeds of up to 30 km/h. For a precisely dosed supply of fresh air and sunlight, the front section of the soft top can be continuously retracted by up to 40 centimetres. This sunroof function is available at any speed. As an alternative to the black version, a MINI Yours soft top is also available, which refers to the British homeland of the MINI brand with a woven-in Union Jack pattern in titanium grey. The dynamic arrow graphic on the soft top of the MINI Convertible in the Sidewalk Edition is just as striking.

The brand’s typical open-air pleasure appeals to a steadily growing fan base around the world. By far the most important sales market for the MINI Convertible is Germany, followed by the USA and Great Britain, and far ahead of France, Spain and Portugal, which are known for their reliably warm summers and many hours of sunshine. Last year, German MINI fans opted for a MINI Convertible in almost every fifth purchase.

For the latest generation of the MINI Convertible, there is a choice of three engine variants with a power range between 75 kW/102 hp and 131 kW/178 hp. The petrol engines with three or four cylinders feature modern MINI TwinPower Turbo technology and comply with the Euro 6d emissions standard. The model range also includes the extremely sporty MINI John Cooper Works Convertible. With it, the wind can easily reach gale force. Its 170 kW/231 hp four-cylinder turbo engine enables acceleration from zero to 100 km/h in 6.6 seconds. In combination with the optional 8-speed Steptronic transmission, the sprint to 100 km/h is even completed in 6.5 seconds.

The MINI Convertible is not only the original in its vehicle class, but also the only open-top model in the premium small car segment that is truly unique. Its exclusive character can be emphasised even more with new design and equipment features. In addition to the Zesty Yellow exterior paint, there is a choice of two new body paint variants, Rooftop Grey metallic and Island Blue metallic. The range of light-alloy wheels includes no fewer than five new variants. These include the 17-inch light-alloy wheels in Scissor Spoke design, previously only available for the MINI Convertible Sidewalk, and the 18-inch light-alloy wheels in Pulse Spoke design with concentric bi-colour look.

The new trims and equipment packages offer further opportunities for individualisation. With their harmoniously coordinated design features, Classic Trim, MINI Yours Trim and John Cooper Works Trim each clearly highlight the different facets of the MINI Convertible’s character. Similarly, the newly compiled equipment packages allow individual wishes in the areas of comfort, driver assistance and connectivity to be fulfilled in a particularly targeted manner.

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