Peraduan Isi Minyak BHPetrol Berakhir 31 Mac Ini

Duit free you! Jangan lepaskan peluang ini.

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Kenapa biar orang yang tu ler jer menang. Orang yang … kerja mereka … main peraduan sahaja. Kita pun kena menang.Macam mana? Ambil bahagian. Jangan putus asa. Kalau kalah … bertanding lagi. Kena konsisten. Kena semangat. Kena bertubi-tubi. Baru boleh ada peluang menang. Saya kerja radio dulu pun … asyik-asyik orang sama jer yang menang sebab … hanya dia orang saja yang ambil bahagian.

Seperti apa jua pun dalam hidup! … Kena usaha.

RM300,000 untuk dimenangi dari BHPetrol. Last day 31 Mac 2019. Hanya belanja minima RM30 sahaja dan anda berpeluang menang.

100 hadiah saguhati – RM1,000 +5,000 ePoint.

Hadiah ketiga RM20,000 +20,000 ePoint.

Hadiah kedua RM30,000 +30,000 ePoint.

Hadiah pertama RM50,000 +50,000 ePoint.

Hadiah Utama ialah RM100,000 dan 100,000 ePoint.

Layari untuk maklumat lanjut berserta terma & syarat.2. BHP-300kTerms & Conditions

  1. Boustead Petroleum Marketing Sdn Bhd (“BHPetrol”)’s RM300,000.00 CASH TO BE WON contest (“the Contest”) is open to all customers, eCard members and non-eCard members aged 18 years and above.
  2. Employees of BHPetrol, immediate family members of employees of BHPetrol, representatives, agents, sponsors,  advertising agencies, service station dealers, staff of service station dealers and or any affiliate company(ies) of any of the parties referred to above are not eligible to participate in the Contest.
  3. The Contest will run from 20 January 2019 to 31 March 2019 (“Contest Period”).
  4. Eligible participants are entitled to receive only one contest entry form to participate in the Contest with a purchase of at least RM30.00 in a single receipt of petrol or diesel products at any participating BHPetrol service stations and/or any shop items at the BHPetromart of the participating service stations (excluding flour, cooking oil, sugar, tobacco, Touch n Go and ePay) within the Contest Period. Pre-paid and duplicated sales receipts are not accepted for the Contest.
  5. Eligible participants are entitled to receive only one contest entry form with each sales receipt issued for a minimum purchase of RM30.00
  6. Participants may submit as many entries as they wish but each entry must be attached with an original BHPetrol sales receipt issued within the Contest Period as proof of purchase. Contest entry forms (“Contest Entry Form”) which are not fully completed will be rejected.
  7. Contest Entry Forms must be dropped into contest boxes provided at participating BHPetrol service stations.
  8. A qualified Contest participant will be required to correctly answer the questions posed on the Contest Entry Form in order to be an eligible winner.
  9. Upon satisfying all criteria, the participants may win any one of the following prizes, subject to the terms and conditions herein:
    1. 1x Grand Prize of RM100,000.00 in cash and 100,000 ePoints;
    2. 1x First Prize of RM50,000.00 in cash and 50,000 ePoints;
    3. 1x Second Prize of RM30,000.00 in cash and 30,000 ePoints;
    4. 1x Third Prize of RM20,000.00 in cash and 20,000 ePoints; or
    5. 100x Consolation Prizes of RM1,000.00 in cash and 5,000 ePoints.
  10. The ePoints (bonus prizes) referred to above are strictly only for eCard members and are not transferable, non-refundable and not exchangeable for cash.
  11. Winners will be selected based on a manual lucky draw by BHPetrol. The first 100 entries with the correct answers drawn from all the entries will each win a Consolation Prize. The next entry with the correct answers drawn from the balance of all entries will win the Third Prize, followed by the Second Prize and First Prize. The last entry with the correct answers drawn from the balance of all entries will win the Grand Prize.
  12. Every qualified contest participant is entitled to win only one prize in the Contest.
  13. Contest winners will be notified by 30 April 2019 via the contact number or email address as provided on the Contest Entry Form. Results will also be published at
  14. Prizes will be delivered via post based on the address stated on the Contest Entry Form. Should any of the winners fail to receive his/her prize under any circumstances, he/she is responsible to collect the prize by calling 1-300-22-2828 within 6 months from 30 April 2019, failing which the prize will be forfeited.
  15. BHPetrol reserves the right to disqualify incomplete, illegible, disfigured, late entries or entries without the right proof of purchase automatically.
  16. By participating in the Contest, the contest participants:
    1. agree to be bound by the official Rules and Regulations and decisions of BHPetrol; and
    2. are deemed to have agreed and expressly consented to allow BHPetrol, its affiliates and or agents to process and disclose to any third party, all personal data of the eligible participants provided by the eligible participants in the Contest Entry Form for any and all purposes relating to the Contest and any and all other activities relating to or arising from the course of business or businesses of BHPetrol and its affiliates; and
    3. are deemed to have agreed and expressly consented to the use, reproduction and distribution of the eligible participant’s photograph, image or likeness by BHPetrol, its affiliates and their agencies without compensation for any purpose which it deems fit in the conduct of its business, including without limitation the promotion, marketing, advertisement or publication of the eligible participant’s image or likeness in relation to the Contest.
  17. All decisions of BHPetrol on all matters relating to the Contest shall be final and conclusive and no correspondence shall be entertained.
  18. BHPetrol reserves the right to cancel, terminate and or suspend the Contest with or without any prior notice. For the avoidance of doubt, cancellation, termination or suspension by BHPetrol of the Contest shall not entitle the eligible participant(s) to any claim or compensation against BHPetrol for any losses and or damage suffered or incurred by the eligible participant(s) whether as a direct or indirect result of the act of cancellation, termination or suspension.

3. BHP-300k4. BHP-300k

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