Cycle & Carriage Singapore Akan Menjadi Perintis Global Digital Services Programme Kia

Kia menandatangani perjanjian dengan Cycle & Carriage Singapore untuk mempelopori program perkhidmatan digital baharu mereka.

Cycle & Carriage di Singapura akan menerajui kenderaan digitalisasi untuk jenama Kia. Ya, ini bukan hanya perkara tempatan atau wilayah. Bergantung pada kejayaan platform baharu ini, templat yang digunakan di Singapura akan diguna pakai untuk seluruh dunia.

Berdasarkan perjanjian antara Kia dan Cycle & Carriage, platform dalam talian Pusat Perkhidmatan Pintar baharu akan diaktifkan di Singapura pada separuh pertama 2022.

Pemilik Kia akan ditanya sama ada mereka ingin memilih untuk memasang modul pada kenderaan mereka untuk menerima perkhidmatan melalui aplikasi ‘Kia Connect Lite’. Penjual juga boleh menawarkan perkhidmatan penyelenggaraan dan pembaikan kenderaan yang lebih baik dengan sistem ini kerana data kenderaan masa nyata dapat diakses dari modul ini.

Ini dia siaran media Kia dengan lebih maklumat.


Kia Corporation has agreed with Cycle & Carriage, Singapore’s leading automotive group, to digitize and enhance customer experiences in Singapore.

Under the agreement, Kia and Cycle & Carriage, the official distributor and retailer for Kia vehicles in Singapore, will begin operating a new ‘Smart Service Center’ online platform starting in the first half of 2022. Depending on the result of the pilot service that will continue through 2023, Kia will consider the global roll-out of the program. 

Through the new platform, Kia customers will be able to receive various services upon situations that can occur during real-time driving based upon driving data analysis.

Drivers who agree to install specific modules to their vehicles can receive those services through the ‘Kia Connect Lite’ app. 

Dealers can also offer improved vehicle maintenance and repair services to customers from the ‘e-Report’ via ‘KDS2.0’, an upgraded vehicle diagnostic tool employed to monitor real-time vehicle data. 

Kia will also prepare an ‘Ownership CX platform’ on as the go-to channel where people can find more information about ownership programs, customized services and ‘how-to’ guides. 

 “With our Smart Service Center Platform, we will be able to provide a convenient, seamless and personalized customer experience throughout various touchpoints with our brand and therefore increase customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty,” said Pablo Martinez, Vice President and Head of Ownership Customer Experience Design Sub-division at Kia Corp. 

Dawn Pan, Director for Multi-Franchise Operations at Cycle & Carriage added: “Through this project we look forward to working hand in hand with Kia to enhance our customers’ ownership experience. The new service center will be smart in using data from ownership systems to provide timely alerts and assistance to our customers.”

Singapore is an ideal location as the global testbed for Kia’s pilot service, given its reputation as a leading technology hub and high customer expectations for connected services.

Moreover, Kia will continue to digitize its customers experience as well as advance its transition towards electrification under the company’s mid-to long-term business strategy, ‘Plan S’.

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