TheLorry Berkerjasama Dengan MyOpal Services Sebagai Rakan Waranti Lanjutan

Startup logistik Asia Tenggara TheLorry hari ini mengumumkan perkongsian baharu mereka dengan My Opal Services, pembekal insuran automotif ulung dan jaminan tambahan.

Perkongsian ini adalah yang pertama di rantau ini, sejajar dengan matlamat kedua-dua platform untuk membolehkan owner-operator atau SME meningkatkan tahap dan terus meningkatkan kecekapan, membolehkan perniagaan memperluas jangkauan perkhidmatan sedia ada.

Antara ciri utama kerjasama ini:

  • Pelancaran seluruh rantau – Malaysia, Singapura, Indonesia & Thailand.
  • Untuk mengurangkan kos owner-operator dan PKS dan membolehkan mereka bersaing dengan kadar penyelenggaraan perkhidmatan yang eksklusif di semua wilayah, bantuan tepi jalan 24 jam, perkhidmatan tayar dan perkhidmatan tunda.
  • Insurans kenderaan dan komponen rantaian nilai trak komersil yang lengkap akan ditambah secara bertahap memastikan pelaksanaan menyeluruh dan sistematik.
TheLorry MyOpal

Kenyataan Media: South-East Asia logistics startup TheLorry today announced a new partnership with My Opal Services Malaysia’s premier automotive insurance and extended warranty provider. This partnership is 1st in the region, in line with both platforms’ mutual aim to enable owner-operators or SMEs to level up and continue to increase efficiency, making it possible for businesses to extend its range of existing services.

“At TheLorry, we are always looking for ways to enhance our driver-partners well-being says Goh Chee Hau, Co-Founder & Managing Director of TheLorry. “With the addition of MyOpal Services as our insurance and warranty partner, driver-partners will benefit from MyOpal’s world-class support; and critical protection to ease the burden of unforeseen mechanical breakdown expenses. This means providing earnings stability and unwavering support to help them get closer to their goals every day, with every delivery.”

“We will continuously strive to provide the best in class service to our partners without compromising quality and satisfaction. We truly embody and strive to deliver our commitment by extending peace of mind” said David Lee, Chief Executive Officer of MyOpal Services Sdn. Bhd.

Key features include

  • Rolling out across the region – Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia & Thailand.
  • To bring owner-operators and SMEs operating costs down and enables them to be hyper-competitive with exclusive service maintenance rates across all regions, 24-hour roadside assistance, tire repair + tow services.
  • Vehicle insurance and a complete commercial truck value chain component will be added in stages ensuring a comprehensive and systematic rollout.

Technology in today’s truck far surpasses those built just 5 years ago. While this is an exciting time for the auto industry, these technological advancements also come with added complexities and unfortunately, higher risk for breakdowns. With rising vehicle repair costs, it’s in our best interest to protect driver-partners – and their budget – against a potentially costly repair. This is where the partnership fills the gap by providing extended warranty to assist independent new and existing owner-operators.

About TheLorry

TheLorry is a leading technology-empowered logistics platform in South-East Asia. We offer a comprehensive and integrated marketplace model, where we connect professional drivers with corporate and individual customers through game-changing technology. TheLorry enables Multinational Corporations (MNCs) and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to be more agile, effective and cost-efficient with award-winning solutions. Partnering with more than 10,000 professional and background-checked drivers, TheLorry aims to deliver enhanced logistics experience in its vision to be the most trusted logistics platform and market leader in the region.​

About MyOpal Services

MyOpal is Malaysia’s premier automotive insurance & extended warranty provider & program administrator. A licensed insurance agency providing services for General insurance coverage in the areas of Non-Motor. MyOpal is an affiliate company of Kumpulan Hamodal – an industrial and commercial development company. We are also their in-house corporate agency which handles all their group insurance, both motor and non-motor.

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