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Pilihan Cat Meteoroid Gray Dan Ignite Red Metallic Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V yang dipasang tempatan kini boleh didapati dalam warna Ignite Red dan Meteoroid Grey.

Honda CR-V generasi ke-5 mungkin sudah lama, tetapi Honda Malaysia belum selesai mengembangkan pilihan pelanggan untuk kenderaan popular ini. Syarikat itu mengumumkan hari ini bahawa dua warna baharu akan diperkenalkan untuk SUV ini – Meteoroid Grey Metallic dan Ignite Red Metallic. Kedua-dua warna ini menggantikan tona warna sebelum ini iaitu Modern Steel Metallic dan Passion Red Pearl. Meteoroid Grey Metallic dan Ignite Red Metallic muncul di Malaysia dengan City Hatchback terbaharu awal tahun lepas. Honda Malaysia kemudiannya memperkenalkan dua warna tersebut kepada model CKD lain seperti City, Accord dan BR-V tahun ini serta menyediakannya terus dengan HR-V serba baharu dan Civic serba baharu.

Dengan pengenalan warna-warna ini pada Honda CR-V, Honda Malaysia telah menghentikan sepenuhnya Passion Red Pearl dan Modern Steel Metallic dan memperkenalkan alternatif mereka yang lebih bertenaga kepada pasaran.

Berikut ialah siaran media Honda Malaysia dengan lebih maklumat.


Honda Malaysia (or the Company) today introduced two new colour options in its all-rounder Comfortable Runabout Vehicle, the CR-V, which are the Ignite Red Metallic colour that further elevates the exterior styling of the CR-V with a more vibrant appearance, and Meteoroid Gray Metallic colour that highlights the rugged look of the model. The new colours that replace the Passion Red Pearl and Modern Steel Metallic colours provide fresh choices for the customers.

Honda Malaysia Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Hironobu Yoshimura said, “The Ignite Red Metallic and Meteoroid Gray Metallic colours received good market acceptance since they were introduced in the Honda models, namely City, City Hatchback, Civic, BR-V and the newly-launched All-New HR-V, while the Accord also offers the Meteoroid Gray Metallic colour. Both colours were the popular options in these models; the Ignite Red Metallic colour contributed an average of 18% to the sales of each of the five models, while the Meteoroid Gray Metallic colour contributed an average of 24% to the sales of each of the six models. With the CR-V as the latest model to receive both colour options, we have completed the expansion of the Ignite Red Metallic and Meteoroid Gray Metallic colours into the Honda line-up. We are confident that both new colours will further accentuate the appearance of the CR-V for customers who seek an SUV with a bolder and modern exterior.”

The CR-V has won the hearts of Malaysians with its styling, elegant interior, and exceptional driving performance. Since its launch in 2017, the 5th Generation CR-V recorded an outstanding sales record with more than 63,000 units sold and the facelifted model which was launched in November 2020, contributed more than 27,000 units to the total sales to-date. The CR-V also contributed 12% to the Company’s total sales from January to July 2022. The excellent sales performance attests to the positive acceptance of advanced technology as the CR-V is packed full of innovative features that deliver the Joy of Buying for the customers.

The CR-V is powered by a 1.5L VTEC Turbocharged engine that can generate maximum power output of 193PS and maximum torque of 243Nm, providing a thrilling drive for an SUV. In addition to the standard and unique safety features, the CR-V is equipped with Honda SENSING, which has eight safety features to provide more peace-of-mind for the customers. The CR-V has a dynamic design with spacious interior and great versatility. The model has a boot capacity of 522 litres when the rear seats are up, and 1,084 litres when they are folded down, further enhancing the spaciousness and increasing the functionality of the SUV.

As an SUV with a complete package, the CR-V is the ideal vehicle for families and professionals who desire an SUV with next-level sophistication and style, and at the same time, suitable for both leisure and exciting drive. The CR-V is available in four variants, which are 2.0L 2WD, 1.5L TC-P 2WD, 1.5L TC-P 4WD and Black Edition.

For more information on the new colour options in the CR-V, customers can visit any of the 102 Honda authorised dealerships nationwide or call Honda Malaysia’s Toll-Free number at 1-800-88-2020 or log on to

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