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Citroën C4 X Dipersembahkan Sebagai Coupé Crossover C4

Citroën C4 X menggabungkan crossover dengan penampilan sedan. Ada juga ë-C4 elektrik.

Kalau bercerita tentang mereka yang berani maju, Citroën sering menjadi pembuat kereta untuk diperhati. Kali ini, mereka tidak sepantas melangkah kepada bentuk crossover coupé dalam segmen ini seperti pesaing Perancis, Renault dengan Arkana mereka. Walau bagaimanapun, C4 X baharu mereka memberikan kesan yang lebih kuat dengan bonjolan yang lebih ketara dan juga mempunyai but 510L yang mengagumkan. Mereka juga menawarkan versi elektrik sepenuhnya bagi lentur gaya badan segmen B ini yang dipanggil ë-C4 X dan ia mempunyai jarak 360km.

C4 X berasaskan kepada generasi ketiga C4, yang berkongsi rangkanya dengan Peugeot 208 dan 2008 terbaharu. Selain bentuk baharu, C4 dan ë-C4 X turut disertakan dengan interface infotainmen baharu yang dikenali sebagai MyCitroën Drive Plus.

Dari segi panjang, model C4 X berada di antara C4 dan C5X. Bagaimanapun ia mempunyai jarak roda yang sama dengan C4. Garis bumbung baharu memberikannya kecekapan aerodinamik Cd 0.29 yang mengagumkan.

Berikut ialah siaran media Citroën dengan lebih maklumat.



While the new ë-C4 X and C4 X are clearly members of the latest-generation Citroën family, they offer something new, fresh and unique for customers looking at stylish alternatives to the mass of existing hatchback and SUV bodystyles already available.

At a length of 4600 mm, the New ë-C4 X and C4 X slot neatly into the Citroën line-up between the C4 hatchback at 4360 mm long, and the C5 X at 4800 mm. Its wheelbase at 2670 mm is same as C4 hatch as both are based on the company’s CMP Platform.

With a drag coefficient of just Cd 0.29, aerodynamic efficiency has been optimised thanks to the fast, crisp roofline, which directly benefits range and fuel efficiency – the all-electric New ë-C4 X achieving a range of up to 360 km (224 miles) WLTP.

When viewed in profile, the car’s dynamic roofline flows effortlessly and seamlessly from the top of the windscreen into the top panel of the boot lid to create a fastback silhouette that appears planted rather than ungainly, which is often the case with taller cross-segment vehicles. The rear overhang intelligently disguises the length required to package the capacious 510-litre boot.

The rear panel of the boot lid which folds down towards the rear bumper is clean and uncluttered with a softly integrated spoiler at the top, subtle folds below and central Citroën lettering. The panel itself leans slightly towards the front of the car further enhancing the prestigious feel of the rear-end design and heightening the car’s attitude of forward momentum.

Distinctive new LED tail lamps are placed either side of the boot opening and carry through the sculpted lines of the boot lid, pushing around the corners and along the sides of the car, complementing the distinctive front lamps and terminating in an arrow shape before the rear door, which further amplifies the silhouette’s dynamism.

Below the boot opening, the unique rear bumper neatly houses a central number plate recess, and the lower bumper skirt is finished in matt black for protection and durability. Adding relief and elegance are gloss black inserts, while distinctive outer scoops echo the rugged feel of the C5 Aircross.

Larger 690mm diameter wheels combined with a short front overhang give the car a raised ride height which results in a more elevated driving position, reassuring drivers with a sense of surefootedness. Matt black protective wheel arches and lower body skirts featuring Airbump® panels with coloured inserts enhance the feeling of robustness and protection.

The familiar front-end incorporates Citroën’s assertive rounded design signature. The high, horizontal bonnet features concave indentations, and trademark chrome chevrons stretch across the width of the body, connecting with double-height front lamps using Citroën LED Vision lighting technology to reinforce the vehicle’s high-tech credentials and provide maximum visibility.

The matt black lower skirt on the front bumper links to the side and rear protective elements, while air intake grilles use a ‘macro chevron’ pattern similar to that used in the 19-19 Concept vehicle. The hexagonal lower grille is flanked each side by distinctive fog lamp bezels featuring inserts that are colour-coordinated with the Airbump® panels on the doors.


New Citroën ë-C4 X and C4 X models take connectivity and infotainment to the next level thanks the availability of Citroën’s all-new My Citroën Drive Plus infotainment interface, introduced recently on the flagship Citroën C5 X.

My Citroën Drive Plus

This highly intuitive new interface uses a 10-inch HD screen and can be fully personalised by customers using a system of ‘widgets’. Now familiar from smartphones and touchscreen tablets, Widgets provide a fast way to look at Apps and content on the vehicle’s touch screen without having to open the App.

The new interface also features natural voice recognition, a digital assistant which can be ‘woken up’ by vehicle occupants with the command “Hello Citroën”, and that understands what they say, answers their questions and carries out vocal commands. The natural voice recognition system will be able to understand 20 languages, provide visual feedback and respond to significantly more commands for vehicle systems such as climate control, audio media, phone and connected speech services.

Advanced Profile Management means the system can store up to 8 profiles, each profile with up to two smartphones, and the system will wirelessly identify smartphone profiles when they enter the car. The system also comes with an Over-The-Air Map Update service via TomTom, whereby the navigation maps are automatically updated on a monthly basis to ensure the system is up to date and provides the latest information to drivers. This service is provided free of charge for three years.

Vehicles come equipped with up to four USB sockets for easy phone or tablet recharging – two in the lower centre console and two in the rear of the centre console for easy access by rear seat passengers. In each case, one USB type A and one USB type C sockets are fitted.

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