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Harga Maserati Grecale Dianggar Dalam Lingkungan RM499,000 Dengan Cukai Berbayar

Naza Italia sudah mempunyai tempahan dua digit untuk Maserati Grecale ini.

Nama Grecale diambil dari nama angin Mediterranean timur laut, dan kini ia juga merupakan SUV sport dalam rangkaian Maserati. Kebanyakkan kenderaan Maserati dinamakan bersempena dengan angin, seperti Ghibli dan juga Levante.

Apabila Maserati Ghibli dilancarkan di Malaysia pada 2014 ia berharga daripada RM538,800 dan SUV mewah Maserati Levante S baru-baru ini tiba di Naza Italia pada harga RM808,800.

Sekarang, di Britain, Grecale berharga kira-kira 13 peratus lebih rendah yang bermakna ia mungkin berharga daripada kira-kira RM478,800 kepada kira-kira RM498,800. Terkejut? Kami juga kerana penjenamaan lencana Maserati pada harga ini memberi saingan Jerman sakit kepala, kan?

Kini hadir SUV sport serba baharu yang telah dipratonton di Singapura dan juga Thailand bulan ini dan tanpa harga jualan dikongsi di ketiga-tiga negara. Pejabat Maserati serantau sedang bekerjasama dengan kilang untuk mendapatkan kombinasi terbaik bagi memastikan harga jualan Maserati baharu ini akan mengambil bahagian yang besar daripada pai jualan segmen ini.

Segmen ini ketika ini termasuk Lexus NX F-SportPorsche Macan dan Mercedes GLC43 semua baharu yang mempunyai bahagian besar dalam jualan.

Dengan Grecale ini, Maserati ingin memberikan prestasi Maserati kepada lebih ramai pembeli ASEAN yang sebelum ini hanya bermimpi untuk memiliki jentera persembahan Itali di garaj mereka.

Maserati Greale berkongsi kebanyakan kejuruteraannya dengan Alfa Romeo Stelvio (yang tidak dijual di Malaysia).

Powerplant Grecale bermula dengan enjin pengecas turbo empat silinder 1995cc yang menghasilkan 300hp @5750rpm dan tork 450Nm yang mengagumkan dari 2000 hingga 4000rpm. Masa pecutan sehingga 100km/j hanya 5.6 saat dan ia mempunyai kelajuan tertinggi 240km/j.

Sementara itu, pengesahan harga jualan akan diumumkan minggu hadapan dan kami akan berkongsinya dengan anda.

MEDIA RELEASE: The Grecale is an SUV that stands out in terms of spaciousness and comfort, boasting an impressive set of best-in-class features. It is best-in-class in terms of interior space, drive-ability, handling, acceleration (0-100 km/h in 3.8 seconds / 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds- on the Trofeo), top speed (285 km/h 177 mph – again on the Trofeo), sound quality, extensive use of materials such as wood, carbon fiber and leather, and excellent standard specifications.

The Grecale is available in three versions:

  • GT, powered by a four-cylinder mild hybrid engine capable of delivering 296 hp;
  • Modena, with a four-cylinder mild hybrid 325-hp engine; and
  • Trofeo, powered by a high-performance 523-hp V6 based on the MC20 Nettuno engine.
  • The Maserati Grecale range will be completed with the debut of the Full-Electric version, using 400V technology.

Developed by the Maserati Innovation Lab in Modena, the new Grecale is produced at the Cassino plant in Italy and is destined to play a leading role for Maserati.

An SUV with generous dimensions:

  • the GT is 4,846 mm long (191 inches)
  • with a wheelbase of 2,901 mm (114 inches)
  • a height of 1,670 mm (66 inches)
  • a width of 2,163 mm (85 inches Incl. mirrors)

With a rear wheel track of 1,948 mm (77 inches), it has a distinctively sporty appearance, without sacrificing comfort, which also reaches noteworthy levels in the roominess of the rear. The Grecale accommodates up to the 99th percentile in both the front and rear seats.

A journey aboard the new Maserati model is transformed into a unique experience, combining extraordinary handling with prestigious dynamic and acoustic comfort. The attention to detail, such as the laminated windows that guarantee optimal sound absorption, with no loss in the pleasure and uniqueness of the Maserati sound.

Visual Longevity

The Maserati approach to design is timeless, characterized by iconic elements with draws of full volume, directly inspired by architecture and art. The cars are sculptural forms devoted to performance, with a unique construction and exclusive proportions that transcend time and fashion.

Unique by Design

Maserati is immediately recognizable for the lines of its cars and its style. The approach to design cues evokes the brand’s identity. It all begins with the iconic badge: the Maserati Trident. The distinctive design elements form an integral part of the overall stylistic vernacular, such as in the trapezoidal C pillar and the Trident-inspired design of the new rims.

A Balance of Opposites

The design elements are inspired by the brand’s homeland and acts as an innovative reinterpretation of Italian architecture and craftsmanship. Not just design, but also know-how, transformed through curiosity and an openness to the stimuli from contemporary beauty, filtered through the characteristic style of Maserati. The uniqueness of the materials used in the car, speak of the artisan tradition that becomes an endeavor of handmade engineering, enriching the interior.


The same colors used in the interior recall natural environments. Color research constantly emphasizes the link with craftsmanship, the desire to create unique transparencies and interferences between light and matter. The colors are somewhat unexpected, once again inspired by manufacturing, while picking up on contemporary environments.

Innovative by Nature

The dynamism and interaction of light become the key elements of the design research, oriented towards new and innovative interpretations. The concepts of pure performance and dynamism are combined with a metamorphosis of colors and materials.

This theme is taken up especially in the Full-Electric version, for which specific color palettes have been created, based on the Northern Lights and the constant interaction embodied by light. The entire car is transformed and evolves into a process that is not an end in itself, but is functional and sensitive to environmental issues.

Functionality and emotions come together in the Grecale

The Grecale embodies the intrinsic values of being made in Italy, the values of Maserati and its new era. Ingenuity and the ability to reinvent itself and develop, always keeping an eye on the future without forgetting its DNA.

Starting from the flagship MC20, the brand has been reinvented, embarking on a new stage in its history, and with it new design elements are to be featured on all new models.

The MC20 super sports car provides the Trident brand with a new identity, opening the doors to an entire range of cars whose earliest components can be seen in the Grecale.

The MC20 is the forerunner of this family, featuring a new design, now interpreted in the Maserati Grecale in the spirit of innovation and adapted to the dimensions of an SUV.

It is inspired by architecture not only in terms of its forms, drafting and innovation, but also with regard to the quest for and identification of new materials and textures. The end result is the creation of a unique product in terms of its lines, as well as the sensation we can get from physical contact with it.

Like the MC20, the Grecale now takes on a vertical rather than a horizontal aspect, adapted here for the requirements of an SUV. The front is the new model’s most distinctive side, featuring a low and imposing grille without being excessive, a sign that emphasizes the fact the car is a Maserati. In the Trofeo, the grille is shifted slightly forward, to make it bolder and accentuate its sporty character.

Looking at the profile, the continuous contrast between purity of design and technology jumps out at you, much attention having been paid to the movement from the hood to the rear to bring out its sporty character. The contrast is clear between its highly fluid soft body with meandering, visual forms and its technical components emphasised by the use of carbon fiber. The distinction is highlighted between bodywork, finding purity in its most evident aspect and technical specifications.

In the rear, the boomerang taillights – inspired by the Giugiaro 3200 GT – take on a characteristically Maserati appearance and trapezoidal lines. The sporty trapezoidal appearance is an intrinsic feature across the entire car and is made more striking by the coupé effect of the cabin that finishes like a sports car’s, a sleek rear window, the strong and bold wings and the car’s weight pushed downwards. Last but not least, a new exhaust design, split in the Trofeo by the addition of a special design feature.

The Modena and Trofeo versions accentuate their sporty character even more, with rear wheel track augmented by 34 mm (or 1.34 inches) compared to the GT model. This gives the Grecale a more dynamic aspect, further highlighted by certain chromatic details, the side skirts and the specially designed bumpers. The design of the grille remains the same for all versions, with chrome-plated lines in the GT and black in the Modena and Trofeo to bring out their sporty character.

Overall, the stylistic vernacular is pure and athletic, fitting perfectly with the iconic elements of the brand, including the trapezoidal C pillar and the Maserati family’s new Trident-inspired alloy wheels.

Clean and modern design, devoted to functionality and design cues

Everything in the Grecale is devoted to functionality: starting from the brand’s characteristic pillars and its over-arching themes – one of luxury, the other sport, the interior design is inspired by the concept of a clean, modern and emotive design, with room for new technology.

The inspiration from its heritage is not an end in itself, but is aimed at taking a great leap forward. As such, the reference to cars of the 1970s like the Ghibli and their T-shaped structure is reduced to a simple and linear, almost architectural design, highlighting the materials.

Opening its doors is like entering a world of comfort and style: prestigious materials enhance the surfaces, together with the quest for unique graphics and colors, inspired by the brand’s roots and its origins, reinterpreting the unique processes of Made in Italy. The reinterpretation of Italian craftsmanship is innovative, fascinating and open to grasping the stimuli of contemporary beauty, filtered through the characteristic Maserati style.

The sense of modernity is emphasized by the advanced technical specifications and the purity of the design: the car comes with no less than four screens – the 12.3″ classic instrument cluster and the new central 12.3″ touchscreen, a smaller 8.8″ comfort touchscreen with extra controls and the new digital clock.

The use of technology cleans up the design and removes the buttons from the central panel, leaving more room for the spacious armrest, the large storage compartment with double butterfly doors and the mobile phone charging area.

The aesthetic purity is highlighted in the materials and finishes: the dashboard stitching takes up the double saddle style, offering continuity with the Levante, the first SUV in the Maserati range. Meanwhile, the center panel and doors feature real material elements, resulting in a feeling of complete harmony throughout the cabin.

Tremendous attention has been paid to the design cues: the detail of the laser-cut metal grilles for the new Sonus faber sound system’s tweeters and mid-range speakers, or the chrome-plated finish of the digital smart-watch, the central air vents and the drive mode selector.

Another design cue is represented by the light emanating behind the central display, producing a “living room” effect by using soft, diffused lighting, seen here for the first time in a Maserati. Everything is focused on simplification, to offer a space where the occupants feel at ease and where the most cutting-edge technology only comes into play when needed.

GT, Modena and Trofeo, three worlds to embrace the needs of every driver

The quest for colors, materials and design cues forms part of Maserati’s identity, based on a reflection on the concepts and evolution of ‘Italian-ness’ and Made in Italy, in a combination of the uniqueness of the country and cosmopolitan spirit, in turn based on a reflection on the beauty and mind-set of those who know how to recognize and develop it.

The starting point for the interiors is attention to contemporary architectural vernacular, in terms of drawing and material texture, the quest for uniqueness in the excellence of the material and its unique and sometimes daring processing.

In this perspective of stylistic research come the three Grecale trim levels (GT, Modena and Trofeo), designed not only to satisfy differing users and differing uses, but also to better express the differing over-arching themes of the new Maserati SUV.

The GT

The GT version embodies the brand’s most urban, minimal and contemporary spirit. It is well suited to dynamic and curious global citizens who pay attention to fashion, yet have a refined style of their own. The interiors reflect this character: an environment that draws its inspiration less from the automotive sector than from interior design: sophisticated, unexpected and unconventional. The cabin features a Saffiano leather dashboard insert, combined with burnished inserts on the central console and door panel. These are characterized by an unusual laser processing that re-interprets from a Maserati perspective the iconic Maglia Milano, a characteristic of the best jewellery and watchmaking.

For the GT version, the hues selected are warm and enveloping: as an alternative to the standard black trim, premium leather in a rich chocolate color, sophisticated greige or bold black with contrasting stitching is available as an option. The steering wheel is upholstered in leather, with fixed aluminium paddle shifters.

The Bronzo Opaco launch color is also the result of painstaking research: Bronzo, an enveloping bronze, with a matte and silky yet highly technical and minimal finish, is perfect for the forms of the Maserati Grecale; the contrast with the brushed chrome design cues makes it contemporary and sophisticated, enhancing its strong character.

To complete the external look, the car features 19″ alloy wheels (20″ or 21″ available as options), body-color bumpers and side skirts, window surrounds and front grille inserts in brushed chrome and dual chrome-plated exhausts.

The Modena

The Modena version is for those with an innate, timeless elegance, for fans of sport in the great outdoors. It is intended as a means to make the very best of your time and surroundings.

The interiors feature an embroidered and stitched graphic motif, which develops harmoniously across the dashboard, panels and seats. Inspired by the recurring design in the architecture of Luigi Nervi, this motif enlivens and enhances the surfaces. The dialogue between sinuousness and formal rigour in the interior is also highlighted by the combination with gloss black inserts.

Multiple interior trims are available including dark ash burl, an unusual, contemporary wood with a grey tone and an open-pore finish, which enhances the tactile quality of the design cues.

The colors on offer are energetic and elegant: alongside the classic black leather, the other options available are a bold dark red or ice, a bright, fresh and light shade.

The Grigio Cangiante launch color (which means “iridescent grey” is a light greyish blue) which will not go unnoticed: an interposed three-layer color, it is the result of years of technological research on pigments and effects and is inspired by the freshness of summer light and the peace of mind that instils. The light, slightly amber background, paired with a cool mica tending towards blue, makes this color light and technical, while remaining unaffected. The body features 20″ alloy wheels, gloss black badging, front splitter, grille, window surrounds and inserts on the side skirts and dark exhausts.

The Trofeo

The Trofeo embodies the most extreme aspect of Maserati, with the explicit focus on performance while never sacrificing comfort. This trim level is suited to sports enthusiasts who consider it in terms of performance and a constant personal challenge.

The Trofeo version expresses the coolness that can emanate from an object built around the disruptive force of the engine; the material research focuses on high-performance materials, such as the exposed, three-dimensional carbon fiber and perforated leather, paired with chevron motifs that emphasize the car’s dynamism. The contrasts become bolder: the black environments feature contrasting stitching, in yellow or red, but are also available in two-tone black/dark red and black/ice.

The Giallo Corse, launch color is highly assertive and tells of the unbreakable bond between Maserati and Modena: indeed, yellow combines the city’s two heraldic colors (yellow and blue), by mixing a yellow base with a blue mica, for a sporty, advanced look.

Last but not least, the body features 21″ alloy wheels, specific sport exhaust tips and carbon fiber inserts on the front and rear bumpers, and on the side skirts.

The GT, Modena and Trofeo trims will be launched across the range from the MY23 model, and are also available with differing features on the Ghibli, Quattroporte and Levante.

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