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Fiat Komited Untuk Jual Elektrik 100% Di UK Mulai Julai 2022

Fiat telah membuat komitmen kepada model elektrik sepenuhnya di UK. Bilakah jenama lain akan melakukan perkara yang sama?

Jenama Fiat mungkin tidak wujud di Malaysia, tetapi ia masih agak kukuh di bahagian lain dunia seperti Eropah. Berita terkini yang datang daripada jenama kereta terbesar Itali ialah ia akan mengeluarkan semua kenderaan tidak berelektrik daripada jualan di UK mulai 1 Julai 2022. Hanya kenderaan hibrid dan elektrik sepenuhnya akan ditawarkan di sana.

Model teras elektrik Fiat termasuk 500 Hybrid, Panda Hybrid, Tipo Hybrid, 500X dan New 500 elektrik sepenuhnya. Model hibrid mereka dikuasakan oleh enjin 1L elektrik manakala Fiat New 500 yang serba elektrik mampu mengembalikan jarak pemanduan sejauh 320km. .

Berikut ialah siaran media Fiat dengan lebih maklumat.


Fiat has announced the removal of all non-electrified vehicles from sale in the UK. This will take effect from 1st July 2022 with the whole Fiat range now coming in electrified forms, from hybrids to fully-electric. 

In 2021, more than 60% of Fiat’s line-up was electrified offering at least one low emission version of each model for UK customers. This year, the Italian manufacturer goes a step further by confirming 100% of the range will be electrified from July 2022.

The brand’s electrification journey began with the 500 Hybrid and Panda Hybrid, and continued with the fully-electric New 500, followed most recently by the new 500X and Tipo Hybrid. Fiat now offers at least one low-emission version for each model and takes a further step along the path of energy transition and sustainable mobility with its latest announcement of only electrified models being sold in the UK starting this summer.

Last year saw the biggest annual increase in electric vehicle registrations with an 88.3% increase in BEV, a 43% increase in HEV, and an 18.5% increase in MHEV (YTD 2022)*.  With 30 international awards to date, the fully-electric New 500 is the best-selling electric city car in eleven countries and the second best-selling electric car in any segment in Europe, behind only Tesla. In Italy and France, it is the best-selling electric model ever, while it ranks second in Germany, the largest electric car market in Europe. It continues its journey that began in Europe, moving into Brazil and Japan.

New Fiat 500 is the first fully-electric Fiat designed from the ground up. The car provides a raft of best-in-class features such as Level 2 Autonomous Driving technologies, a variety of battery options (24kWh or 42kWH) and a substantial driving range of up to 199 miles (WLTP) – the longest range of any electric city car on the market today.

The line up also includes hybrid versions of the second-generation 500 and the Panda. Both see their basic 1.2-litre engines replaced by an all-new electrified 1.0-litre unit. The engine is a naturally aspirated three-cylinder that’s paired with a 12-volt belt-integrated starter generator and an 11Ah battery.

In February 2022, Fiat announced the arrival of the new 500X and Tipo Hybrid, completing the electrification of its line-up.

The 500X Hybrid is the ideal addition to the line-up of a model that, since its launch in 2014, has recently exceeded 750,000 registrations: a global success, given that the 500X is sold in all major markets around the world. Available as a hatchback or cabrio, the 500X Hybrid offers the option of a (RED) edition. The Hybrid version of the 500X now introduces the new 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

The exterior look has also been refreshed with the launch of the Model Year 2022. The front takes on the new ‘500’ logo, while the rear includes dynamic ‘FIAT’ lettering. Two design cues that make the 500X even more contemporary and a nod to the look and feel of the New 500.

Meanwhile, Tipo Hybrid fits into the lineup of a model that has sold over one million units since launch, making it the epitome of the ‘family mover’. It comes with standard heated front seats, keyless entry and go, and blind spot assist as standard.

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