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Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series Edition Terpantas Terhad Kepada 55 Unit

Mercedes-AMG GT dibawa ke hadnya dengan kereta siri untuk trek.

AMG meraikan 55 tahun kewujudan dengan gayanya tahun ini. Minggu lepas, mereka mengeluarkan AMG G 63 Edisi 55 mereka, dan hari ini terdapat sesuatu yang lebih hebat. Syarikat prestasi daripada Affalterbach hanya membuat 55 contoh AMG GT Track Series ini – dan ia mungkin merupakan bentuk terakhir model khusus ini, telah wujud sejak 2015. Walau bagaimanapun, tidak ada petunjuk langsung bahawa ini adalah Edisi ‘akhir’ AMG GT. Kami rasa begitu kerana larian pengeluaran mesti berkurangan selepas 7 tahun berjaya dan dengan model AMG SL baharu mendatang.

AMG GT Track Series tidak akan sah untuk jalan raya, seperti mana namanya. Ia dibina di atas asas AMG GT Black Series, tetapi enjinnya telah dinaik taraf dengan injectors baharu, flat crankshaft dan bahagian lain untuk membawa keluaran maksimum kepada 734hp dan tork 850Nm. Kotak gear ialah Hewland HLS 6-speed sequential racing transmission ang menghantar kuasa semata-mata ke roda belakang.

Sistem penggantungan telah dinaik taraf kepada peredam Bilstein 4 hala boleh laras dengan bar anti-roll boleh laras juga.

Berikut ialah siaran media AMG dengan maklumat lanjut tentang raksaksa ini.


Optimised aerodynamics combined with a powerful design

The design and the aerodynamics of the Mercedes‑AMG GT Track Series strictly follow the performance philosophy as well. The bonnet, wings, sills, back door and the rear apron are made of carbon fibre and largely contribute to the high driving dynamics. Another important effect of the material mix is the reduction of the kerb weight of the vehicle to 1,400 kg.

The integrated louvres of the carbon wing on the front axle provide a higher downforce. The sills with elements of black visible carbon, transitioning into vertical blades both at the front and the rear, significantly contribute to an optimal airflow around the vehicle. To ensure an effective cooling of the rear brakes, the sills also incorporate cooling air ducts. The rear apron with double diffuser and lateral wheel arch air outlets also refers to the racing DNA of the Mercedes‑AMG GT Track Series.

The front of the exclusive model is characterised by the AMG specific sporty radiator grille, which ensures optimum air flow to the radiator. The high-downforce front splitter was developed exclusively for the GT Track Series. It is complemented by a modified, mechanically adjustable racing rear wing that is based on the aero element of the GT Black Series. It was further developed to improve the downforce on the rear axle.

Another direct motorsport derivative is the exclusive characteristic bonnet with large air outlet. It guides the hot air from the engine bay, increases the overall downforce while contributing to the cooling of the engine at the same time.

Another special development for the Mercedes‑AMG GT Track Series are the exclusive high-sheen milled and forged 18 inch wheels, the usual wheel rim size for GT race cars. All the usual competition tyre types can be used.

A special optical highlight is the exclusive semi-gloss special finish in MANUFAKTUR hightech silver magno with design elements in red and anthracite. Another highlight that emphasises the exclusivity of this GT model is the integration of the AMG emblem in the upper area of the front apron.

Comprehensive safety package and motorsport specific interior

Like in the GT3 and the GT4, user and service friendly racing electronics have been installed in the GT Track Series as well. They include a racing specific traction control and a motorsport ABS, each adjustable across 12 levels (level 1: maximum TC/ABS activity, level 11: minimum TC/ABS activity, level 12: off-mode).

The brake components are motorsport-proven as well. The GT Track Series comes with steel brakes (front axle: 390 mm/rear axle 355 mm). A brake beam has been installed for adjusting the brake balance. The carbon brake air ducts and the dimensionally stable brake air lines guarantee optimal cooling of the performance brake system in the process.

Proven within the GT family, the safety concept has been applied in the interior: the roll cage of high-tensile steel is bolted to the aluminium space frame and an extrication hatch has been placed in the roof. The carbon driver safety cell has large dimensions and is even offering tall drivers sufficient room to move. Moreover, it as a five-point safety harness and a customisable ergonomic seat foaming. As a result, the driver safety cell meets the latest FIA standards and is offering a considerably higher protection level than usual race seats. A powerful motorsport fire extinguisher system and driver safety nets complement the comprehensive safety concept of the GT Track Series.

During the design process of the interior, the Mercedes‑AMG engineers have paid particular attention to the purpose of the vehicle: the GT Track Series has been assembled as a thoroughbred motorsport vehicle and therefore does without any comfort elements. To achieve the 1,400 kg kerb weight, the search for any components like padding materials, interior fairing or electric windows is in vain.

The steering wheel, exclusively developed for the GT Track Series in cooperation with the sim racing experts at Cube Controls, has a wide adjustment range and numerous control opportunities. The pedals can also be adjusted and can be individually adapted to the driver’s physique. The dashboard with visible carbon and a matt finish includes a fully programmable BOSCH DDU 11 Driver Display Unit, designed for intuitive operation and user-friendliness. Moreover, it incorporates a comprehensive data logging system for motorsport purposes, for instance a lap trigger to keep track of lap times. The GT Track Series is one of the first cars around to feature the newly developed system.

55 years of Mercedes-AMG – 55 Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series

The Mercedes‑AMG GT Track Series stands for maximum exclusivity. The special series is limited to 55 units, each of them built by hand in Affalterbach. Thus, Mercedes‑AMG reminisces about the founding of the company by Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher in the year 1967, exactly 55 years ago. A high-quality embossed “1 of 55” plaque in the interior identifies every Mercedes‑AMG GT Track Series as a unique piece from the special edition. The “Track Series” embroidered writings on the driver’s seat and on the limited car cover also refer to the exclusivity of the GT Track Series.

Comprehensive service and support included

Mercedes‑AMG GT Track Series owners benefit from a comprehensive service and support range that is continually being developed and expanded. It also includes such privileges that normally are exclusive to the Mercedes‑AMG Motorsport customer teams: a technical training prior to delivery of the vehicle, individual engineer support during track days and club sport activities upon request, a service hot line during race weekends as well as logistical services such as a optimal spare parts supply.

Technical support is guaranteed by the motorsport experts at HWA AG, carrying out services and rebuilds as Mercedes‑AMG’s development and production partner. The exclusive online-based ordering and information system “Customer Service Portal” is in place for ordering accessories and spare parts as well as providing all technical documentation.

Direct sales from Affalterbach

Worldwide sales of the Mercedes‑AMG GT Track Series is being handled from Affalterbach where Mercedes‑AMG has its headquarters. Customer delivery of the special edition starts in the second quarter of 2022. The list price of the Mercedes‑AMG GT Track Series including air conditioning is € 369,000 plus VAT. A spare parts starter set, a seat and helmet ventilation system, a drinking system and a passenger safety cell are available as options. Further equipment options are available upon request.

The Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series at a glance:

EngineAMG 4.0 litre V8 biturbo engine
Displacement3,982 cm3
Output540 kW (734 hp)
Max. torque850 Nm
DriveTransaxle configuration: front engine, gearbox on the rear axe, connected by Torque Tube
GearboxSequential AMG 6-speed competition gearbox with mechanical (adjustable) self-locking differential and magnesium casing as well as shift paddles on the steering wheel, pneumatically operated
BodyworkAluminium space frame; 
roll cage of high-tensile steel
SafetyCarbon driver safety cell to latest FIA standards, individualised seat foaming and integrated headrest as well as extrication hatch in the roof; powerful motorsport fire extinguisher system
SuspensionAluminium double wishbones front and rear; 
shock absorbers with adjustable rebound and compression
ElectronicsMotorsport electronics with torque control; 
optimised driver aid systems: AMG TRACTION CONTROL, competition ABS, Race-Start Control; service-friendly durable motorsport wiring
SteeringElectro-mechanical power steering
BrakesCompetition brake system with adjustable ABS; self-ventilating composite brake discs with special cooling air guidance; brake callipers with 6 pistons at the front and 4 pistons at the rear; brake disc diameter 390 mm front / 355 mm rear
WheelsAMG light alloy wheels, front: 12×18“, rear: 13×18”, forged
Tyresfront: 325/660-18 / rear: 325/705-18
Weight1,400 kg
Fuel tank capacity120 l (motorsport safety tank)
Price369,000 Euros (ex Affalterbach, VAT not included)

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