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Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Akan Datang Tidak Lama Lagi

Satu lagi varian Taycan terlaris untuk mencabar pesaingnya.

Sehingga kini, nama Taycan sudah biasa dengan peminat kereta dan kenderaan elektrik yang paling dicari di kalangan pembeli supercar. Lebih daripada 20,000 unit telah terjual di seluruh dunia sebelum Krismas 2020. Taycan adalah kereta elektrik penuh Porsche pertama dan pemangkin untuk barisan kenderaan elektrik penuh untuk jenama Porsche.

Dengan platform yang dapat menghasilkan SUV, wagon sports touring, dan mungkin, suatu hari nanti, MPV sukan penuh (mimpi adalah pecuma), Porsche ada menyebut bahawa pelbagai kenderaan elektrik akan diperkenalkan sambil mengekalkan bahagian kereta sukan berkuasa petrol mereka.

Anda mempunyai Porsche EV, Taycan atau Macan untuk ulang-alaik harian dalam bandar untuk mengurangkan pelepasan karbon dan kemudian anda mempunyai mesin berkuasa petrol 911 atau Cayman anda untuk pemanduan merentas desa.

KENYATAAN MEDIA PORSCHE: On a chilly winter’s day on the empty rural roads east of Weissach, the head of the Taycan model line, Stefan Weckbach, is putting a very special new car through its paces. A lightly camouflaged Taycan Cross Turismo cuts an unfamiliar figure against the frozen farmland and snow-covered forests that fringe this popular test route, its long roofline and increased ride height last seen on the Mission E Cross Turismo Concept back in 2018.


Weckbach, dressed warmly against the freezing February temperatures, climbs aboard the all-black development car and heads out onto empty asphalt. Immediately there’s a familiarity to the way he talks and drives that suggests many hundreds of kilometres have already been shared between man and machine on these well-trodden local roads.


Stefan Weckbach, Head of Taycan model line. “With the Taycan Cross Turismo, we wanted to offer a little bit more space, a little more flexibility and versatility,” he says from behind the wheel. “We developed a completely new roofline, fitted with roof rails, a more generous second row and bigger trunk, all to make a car that is perfect for an active lifestyle. A car that is perfect for both an urban environment and the countryside.”

The Cross Turismo glides around sweeping bends as its commander in chief talks freely about what has, up until now, been a closely guarded secret beyond the walls of Weissach and the Taycan production line in Zuffenhausen. “In order to enable it to handle light off-roading and gravel roads,” Weckbach continues, “we increased the ground clearance. And we optimised our suspension system so the Cross Turismo comes with a CUV (cross utility vehicle) specific driving mode. This makes sure it does well on gravel roads in terms of stability, performance, and dynamics.”


The Taycan has already enjoyed a remarkable beginning, with more than 20,000 units delivered worldwide in its first full year of production. Now, the appeal of Porsche’s first all-electric sports saloon is set to grow still further, reaching a new set of customers who want to take their low-impact lifestyle off the beaten track.

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