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Konsep Renault Kiger Dibangunkan Hanya Untuk India

Nampak gayanya bukan Kia saja yang memberi perhatian kepada pasaran India dengan crossover kompak mereka, Seltos. Renault juga telah menyatakan minat untuk membuat sesuatu yang serupa dan mereka telah mengemukakan idea mereka dalam kereta konsep Kiger ini.

Dengan Kiger, Renault membayangkan produk yang khusus untuk pasaran India, tetapi mengatakan bahawa ia juga akan dieksport ke negara lain.

Memandangkan Seltos yang akan datang juga dibuat di India dan akan ke Malaysia, jadi kita mungkin melihat Kiger di sini dalam beberapa tahun.

Renault baru masuk pasaran India sejak tahun 2005, tetapi mereka mempunyai pengalaman selama 15 tahun dan mencurahkan segala ke dalam sesuatu yang mereka rasa akan berjaya di sana. Reka bentuk Kiger lahir dari kerjasama antara pasukan reka bentuk Renault Perancis dan India.

Dari segi reka bentuk, mereka jelas mencuba sesuatu yang baharu di sini. Rak bumbung berintegrasi adalah sebahagian penampilan Kiger, dan mereka mencuba penampilan lampu split di mana lapisan atas menempatkan cahaya lampu siang hari dan kluster bawah adalah untuk lampu depan dan full beam.

Pegangan pintu juga kelihatan sangat … unik.


Renault lifted the veil on a future all-new model in its range in India with the Kiger show car: an original SUV, translating the expectations and needs of a clientele increasingly fond of style, dynamism, newness and distinction.

India has been one of the most attractive automobile markets in the world for several years. Renault recognized this potential and has been present in India since 2005. It has adapted successful models to the local market like Duster and has revolutionized certain segments with original products such as Kwid and Triber. Kiger show car is a new step consolidating Renault’s presence in India.

An eye-catching little SUV with a devastating look

Born from the cooperation between Renault’s French and Indian Design divisions, the Renault Kiger show car is an SUV with an adventurous look exuding an attractive energy that catches both the eye and the mind. With its DNA it is predestined for the urban jungle as well as the great outdoors.

At first glance, the Renault Kiger show car stands out with its sculpted bonnet, slender windscreen and a semi-floating roof with a roof rack. On both sides, the tapered mirrors have been designed like airplane wings. At the rear, the roof drop is topped by a spoiler, giving the vehicle a very airy look. The lower section is more muscular and stockier, resting on four 19-inch wheels framed by large square arches that give strength to the exterior styling. The 210-mm ground clearance with reinforced lower flaps and prominent shoulders confirm the escape spirit of the SUV. The sporty side is accentuated by the dual centrally located exhaust tailpipes and the honeycomb patterns distributed around the vehicle.

Specially developed in India for the show car, the green ‘Aurora Borealis’ color of the Renault Kiger show car, changes according to the light and the angle from which it is observed. It is adorned with mysterious blue and purple reflections that make the car as intriguing as it is seductive. Fluorescent touches highlight certain aluminum elements such as door handles, bumper inserts, strapping with inlaid decoration, logo contours and brake calipers.

Finally, the Renault Kiger show car is completed with double-stage LED spotlights, similar to those that appeared on the New Kwid last year, and green turn signals. At the rear, the double ‘C’ headlights signal Kiger’s place under the Renault brand and form a light signature that prefigures that of the production model.

An asset for Renault in India

As the leading European manufacturer distributed in India, Renault continues to strengthen its market presence. It anticipates the transformations in the automotive industry and remains attentive to the Indian customers’ requirements.

Renault is entering a new phase with the Kiger show car. The production model it prefigures will aim to attract customers looking for novelty and modernity in a B-segment that represents 51% of the Indian market. Compact enough to fit in anywhere, and surprisingly spacious to accommodate a whole family, it will make the city its main playground while being able to cross rural terrain.

The series version of Renault Kiger show car, designed and developed for India, is the answer to customers’ needs in terms of compact SUVs and allows Renault to reach a new clientele. The vehicle will also be exported to markets outside of India.

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