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Ford Ranger dan Everest Thailand Dapat Kemas Kini Kecil

Ford Ranger dan waris SUVnya yang berorientasikan penumpang, Everest, telah disegarkan dengan elemen reka bentuk baharu di Thailand.

Memandangkan Ranger diberi keutamaan oleh Sime Darby Auto Connexion, kami akan memberi tumpuan kepadanya dalam rencana ini di sini, tetapi anda boleh menyemak kenyataan media mereka di bawah ini untuk mendapatkan maklumat mengenai Everest baharu mereka.

Inilah apa yang dapat kita harapkan:

Ini sebenarnya adalah facelift ketiga Ranger dalam bentuk T6nya sekarang. Iterasi pertama datang pada tahun 2012, kemudian pada tahun 2015 ia direka bentuk semula dengan agak meluas tetapi dengan enjin diesel 2.2L dan 3.2L yang sama. Pada tahun 2018, Ford meningkatkan reka bentuknya sedikit, tetapi menambah enjin 2.0L Turbo dan Biturbo yang baharu bersama dengan varian automatik 10-kelajuan dan varian Ranger Raptor. Facelift baharu ini membawa perubahan terkecil bagi keluarga Ranger.

  • Pegangan pintu hitam, roda aloi, penutup cermin tepi pada lebih banyak varian Ranger
  • Aksesori Power Roller Shutter pada Ranger Wildtrak
  • Varian Ranger Street baharu dengan 2.2L dan manual 6-speed
  • Waranti driveline 10-tahun / 150,000km baharu untuk semua model yang dilengkapi turbo 2.0L

Tidak jelas bila atau sama ada peningkatan ini akan datang untuk Ford Ranger spesifikasi Malaysia, tetapi ianya sudah ada di Thailand.


Ford Thailand today launched the new Ranger and Everest – a freshened line-up that combines new distinctive design elements, enhanced powertrain, safety and convenience features and new exciting colors.

Ranger’s fresh face

A perfect enabler for a wide range of customer work and lifestyles, the new Ranger features a bold new look and outstanding features to the line-up including

  • A new eye-catching trapezoidal shape grille on the XL, XL Street, XL+, XLT and Wildtrak variants to convey a sense of power and performance
  • Stunning black alloy wheels and side mirrors on the XL+ Sport, XL Street, XLT and Wildtrak to accentuate the vehicle’s tough look
  • Sporty black door handles on the XL+ Sport, XLT and Wildtrak
  • A new load compartment accessory, Power Roller Shutter, exclusively on the new Ranger Wildtrak

A new Ranger XL Street variant made its debut for fearless spirits to hit the beaten track. The daring open cab boasts sleek elements that convey a sense of pure performance, including athletic stripe graphics designed by Ford design team in Australia who were inspired by Ford Thailand Racing (FTR). The Ranger XL Street is equipped with Ford’s proven 2.2L diesel engine coupled with a six-speed automatic transmission to deliver outstanding performance and strong capabilities. The Ranger XL Street is available in four colors: Lightning Blue, Aluminum Metallic, Arctic White and Absolut Black.

Everest’s refinement

Taking the popular mid-size SUV to the next level, the new Everest continues to fulfil its role as a technology-led SUV with advanced safety features and greater on- and off-road drivability designed for adventure seekers to overcome all challenges.

Following the success of the Everest Sport – which has been well received by Ford customers with almost half of Everest buyers opted for the model – Ford is putting the same appealing athletic elements across the new line-up featuring a refreshed unique grille, ‘Everest’ chrome hood lettering, chrome door handles and side mirrors and new alloy wheels. The new Everest offers a new color, Snow Flake White Pearl, for the Trend, Titanium and Titanium+, and Deep Crystal Blue exclusively for the Titanium Sport.

Latest powertrain enhancement along with 10-Year Driveline Care Program

Ford’s powerful 2.0L diesel engine continues to represent advanced engineering design and cutting-edge technology to offer greater power and torque. When mated with the advanced 10-speed automatic transmission, the engine delivers exceptional performance with a maximum of 213PS of power and 500Nm of torque.

Ford has a dedicated team of engineers constantly striving to develop Ford vehicles that offer the most advanced technology, the latest designs, and state-of-the-art features that help deliver an unrivalled driving experience. By utilizing data analytics, customer feedback, as well as series of testing, the 2.0L engine has been further engineered with key manufacturing technology and material upgrades.

Added to offering world-class products, it is Ford’s mission to constantly improve customer service at dealers for Ford owner family. Thanks to an array of proactive and reactive customer-centered approaches, Ford provides the very best ownership experience and highest customer satisfaction throughout cars’ lifespan.

Ford is supporting the launch of the new Ranger and Everest by offering its Ford 10-Year Driveline Care Program for purchases of all variants through the end of the year. The 10-Year Driveline Care Program extends the warranty coverage of the vehicle’s driveline components to 10 years or 150,000 km, whichever occurs first, and covers the engine, transmission, and rear/front-wheel drive axles. For more information on the campaign, customers can visit

All-encompassing customer experience

Ford continues to enhance its ownership experience through the Ford Family Guarantee program with the expansion of existing services and introduction of new services. These include a Service Price Calculator on the Ford website, which provides an estimate of costs for routine maintenance or more involved repairs for Ford vehicles.

Since September 2020, Ford has also launched the 24-hour Ford Call Center 1383 extension 5 which enables customers to connect a ‘Ford Service Product Specialist’ for real-time support and quick technical solutions at any time of day or night, all seven days of the week.

In addition, Ford’s ‘Talk to the Experts’ program involves a team of Ford Service Product Specialists from its manufacturing facilities visiting Ford dealerships in major provinces across Thailand to engage personally with Ford customers. These personalized discussions allow the team to provide expert advice on Ford vehicles and optimal driver experience, as well as gain valuable insights and direct customer feedback which help Ford to further develop vehicles that truly meet the customer needs.

Pricing and special offers

The new Ranger are available at the following pricing:

  • Ranger XL Street THB 669,000 with THB 25,500 down payment and free first-class insurance
  • Ranger XL+ Sport THB 689,000 with THB 30,500 down payment and free first-class insurance
  • Ranger DBL XLT MT at special introductory price of THB 799,000 from normal retail price of THB 854,000 and free first-class insurance and Exterior Pack valued at THB 10,280
  • Ranger Wildtrak 4×2 MT at special introductory price of THB 979,000, 4×2 AT THB 1,029,000, 4×4 THB 1,265,000

All variants of the Ranger Wildtrak come with Ford 10-Year Driveline Care Program with warranty coverage of the vehicle’s driveline components to 10 years or 150,000 km, free Schedule Service Plan (SSP) to four years or 60,000 km, whichever occurs first, and two-year first-class insurance.

  • Ranger Raptor THB 1,699,000 comes with Ford 10-Year Driveline Care Program with warranty coverage of the vehicle’s driveline components to 10 years or 150,000 km and free first-class insurance.

The 5 variants of the new Everest are available at the following pricing:

  • Trend 2.0 Turbo THB 1,299,000
  • Titanium 2.0 Turbo THB 1,399,000
  • Titanium Sport 2.0 Turbo THB 1,429,000
  • Titanium+ Sport 2.0 Turbo 4×2 THB 1,599,000
  • Titanium+ Sport 2.0 Bi-Turbo 4×4 THB 1,799,000

All variants of the new Everest come with Ford 10-Year Driveline Care Program with warranty coverage of the vehicle’s driveline components to 10 years or 150,000 km, free first-class insurance and complimentary Electric Pack valued at THB 11,350.

The new Ford Ranger and Ford Everest are now available at Ford dealerships nationwide.

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