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SOCAR Malaysia Menawarkan Diskaun 50% Semasa CMCO

SOCAR Malaysia telah mengumumkan promo khas untuk membantu pelanggan mereka bergerak dengan penuh tanggungjawab semasa tempoh Perintah Pengendalian Bersyarat (CMCO).

Mulai sekarang hingga 2 petang esuk 15 Oktober 2020, mereka yang menggunakan kod promo DEMIRAKYAT untuk tempahan minimum 48 jam hingga 14 hari untuk semua tempahan akan mendapat diskaun 50%. Promosi ini sah untuk semua kereta kecuali Mini Cooper dan BMW di semua zon di Lembah Klang dan Putrajaya.

Di samping itu, terdapat juga promo untuk TREVO, pasar perkongsian kereta orang-ke-orang Socar sendiri. Mulai hari ini hingga 20 Oktober 2020, diskaun 50% akan diberikan kepada semua Tetamu yang menggunakan kod promo DEMIRAKYAT untuk membuat tempahan minimum dua hari hingga 14 hari, dengan had RM500. Kod promo ini berlaku untuk semua tempahan kereta oleh Tetamu yang bergerak dari 14 hingga 27 Oktober 2020 di Kota Kinabalu dan Lembah Klang.

SOCAR memastikan bahawa semua kenderaan dikekalkan dan dibersihkan dengan betul, dan pelanggan dapat memilih kenderaan mereka dihantar terus ke depan pintu rumah mereka. Dan jika itu tidak mencukupi, syarikat itu juga menawarkan kemudahan pengguna tanpa sentuhan dengan teknologi tanpa kunci yang ada.


The sudden news from the Government announcing the reimposition of the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) across four states and territories, namely Sabah, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya has definitely left most Malaysians confused and worried, wondering if this may have long term effects on their jobs, income and businesses. While many Malaysians may have been caught off guard, it was a necessary step in order to break the chain of COVID-19 transmission.

The group at SOCAR and TREVO would like to urge all Malaysians to unite and drive out of this second phase of the CMCO positively, because together we are #MoreThanThis. While we are doing our very best to flatten the curve, we need all Malaysians to unite and hopefully we won’t need to sit through another Movement Control Order, ever.

“We at SOCAR and TREVO strongly believe in the power of the community and we believe that together, we can choose to be better. While we see that most Malaysians have complied closely to the SOPs and regulations to curb the spread of the virus, there have been a handful that have disregarded the necessary precautions. So, we would like to take this opportunity to encourage all Malaysians to bring out the true spirit of Malaysian togetherness and fight the spread of COVID-19. Education and social responsibility starts from the ground up and as members of the community, we all need to play our part in ensuring that everyone is aligned in fighting this pandemic and each of us understands the role we have to play. Without it, we’ll all have to bear the further economic costs that arise from lockdown measures and restricted movement. Let’s make the right choices, continue supporting our local businesses and let’s not give up on our economy. For those who need to get to work, buy essentials or deliver products to their customers, SOCAR and TREVO is always there for you,” said Leon Foong, Group CEO of SOCAR and TREVO Malaysia.

In building a better nation beyond COVID-19, SOCAR together with their subsidiary, TREVO encourages all Malaysians to practice the basic preventive measures. To ensure a safe environment for all, SOCAR and TREVO will be continuing to ensure all vehicles are properly maintained and sanitised including wiping down frequently touched surfaces such as the steering wheel, window switches, signal stalk, gear shift and door handles.

Both SOCAR members and TREVO Guests are able to opt for their vehicle to be delivered right to their doorstep with the SOCAR-2-YOU car delivery service or TREVO Delivery service. The respective teams will be ensuring that the custodians maintain a safe distance from users and ensure all vehicles have been disinfected before being delivered for peace of mind. To top that, SOCAR also offers users the convenience of a contactless handoff with the keyless technology that is in place. Both the SOCAR and TREVO team are also reachable 24/7 via the in-app chat function to assist members who may have concerns about sanitisation.

“The truth of the matter for all of us is that living and adapting to this new normal has been difficult and could get worse over time if we do not work together. It is our unity and spirit of togetherness that will help us through these challenging times. We are doing our very best to play our part in curbing the spread of the virus, and together, we are better able to overcome this global challenge,” added Leon.

From now till 2pm on 15 October 2020, SOCAR Malaysia will be offering all users 50% off (no capped amount) with the promo code DEMIRAKYAT for a minimum booking of 48 hours up to 14 days for all bookings (travel period from 13 to 27 October 2020), to help them move around responsibly for their essential needs, to commute to work or be on the frontlines. This promotion is valid for all cars except the Mini Cooper and BMW in all zones in the Klang Valley and Putrajaya.

From today till 20 October 2020, TREVO will be offering all Guests 50% off with the promo code DEMIRAKYAT for a minimum booking of 2 days up to 14 days (capped at RM500). This promo code is applicable for all car bookings by Guests travelling from 14 to 27 October 2020 in Kota Kinabalu and the Klang Valley.

To use SOCAR or TREVO, download the app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and follow their respective Facebook pages for the latest updates.

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