Peugeot Bekerjasama Dengan Total Untuk Membangunkan Hypercar Le Mans

Pada hujung minggu lalu, Le Mans 24 jam tanpa penonton 2020 terus berjalan seperti yang dirancang dan Toyota muncul di puncak seperti yang diharapkan. Sementara semua ini berlangsung, Peugeot dan TOTAL memutuskan untuk mengumumkan projek yang akan mereka kerjakan bersama.

Projek ini adalah “Le Mans Hypercar” atau LMH, yang akan membolehkan mereka bersaing dalam kategori ketahanan tingkat atas di masa depan.

Berikut adalah beberapa kriteria yang menentukan projek LMH.

  • 680PS
  • AWD
  • Powertrain elektrik hibrid
  • Kuasa maksimum 200 kW pada gandar depan
  • Panjangnya sekitar 5m dan lebar 2m
  • 25 buah kereta pengeluaran akan dibuat dengan unit kuasa yang sama

Kenyataan Media PEUGEOT & TOTAL

As a part of the 88th edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, PEUGEOT and TOTAL are officially kicking off their Le Mans Hypercar (LMH) project. A new regulation which foreshadows a new era for the top tier endurance category, one which embodies the energizing transition of the two companies.

The choice of the LMH category was dictated by several criteria, one being that of a certain aerodynamic freedom. This makes it possible to incorporate, with the support of PEUGEOT Design, the aesthetic detail of the brand. This collaboration has already started and makes it possible, in the event of this 24 Hours of Le Mans 2020, to draft sketches and reveal the first conceptions of design and incarnate the fundamental required elements, particularly in terms of dimensions.

PEUGEOT, in association with TOTAL, has therefore begun the development of the electric hybrid hypercar, whose iconic design will declare “Neo Performance”. It will reach 500 kW power and be 4-wheel drive.

After having launched the various phases of studies for the general structure, the aerodynamic concept and the choice of engine architecture, comes the final decision of the electrical framework, and then that of the conception of the hybrid traction chain. All of the PEUGEOT Sport technical departments are involved in these development phases.

PEUGEOT Sport therefore taking a new turn towards reinforced energy, reinforced by the launch of its PEUGEOT SPORT ENGINEERED hybrid high-performance road line, led by the new PEUGEOT 508.

«The car will be 4-wheel drive, equipped- as required by the regulations – with an electric motor and a maximum power of 200 kW on the front axle. The TOTAL power level will be identical to that of a 100% thermal 2-wheel drive car (500kW or approx. 680hp) that will be distributed between the 2 axles. In comparison with what we currently know in LMP1, the car will be heavier so as to be compatible with road vehicles. It will also be longer (5m ald 4.65m) and wider (2m ald 1m90).

This regulation is also different because it incorporates a performance balance (BoP: Balance of Performance). It certainly sets limits, but also allows room for many technical possibilities in our development, specifically on the general shape, as long as a certain overall aerodynamic efficiency is not exceeded. This will be measured in a 1:1 scale wind tunnel and which will be part of the BOP.

To this date, we have confirmed part of the aerodynamic concept, the engine framework has been decided and we have chosen the functionality of the hybrid system and its fundamental design. We still have several steps left before our debut in endurance in 2022, in studies, the production of prototypes and finally, affirmation on the bench and on the track.

The look of the vehicles will no longer only be the result of the wind tunnel sessions, we will have a dedicated space to create a unique, iconic product, combining performance and expressiveness. We intend to make the most of the wiggle room offered and we are very excited about this project! We are currently in the pre-project stage, that of studies and conception. 

We have discussed different regulation possibilities with the PEUGEOT Sport teams to assure that we are fully aware of that is allowed and what is not. The rest of the project will be carried out in close collaboration between the two teams.

These sketches are the first design drafts intended to help us identify the important segments on which we should focus on. The three claw marks and the colours are symbols that we wish to produce on our hypercar. Our signature found in the light impressions are part of the strong identity emblems present on our production vehicles and that we wish to reproduce in the race.

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