Barangan Prestasi M Untuk BMW M3 Baharu Akan Menyinggung Ramai Orang

Sekiranya anda fikir anda telah pulih dari apa yang BMW M telah lalukan kepada gril depan M3 yang baharu, bersiaplah untuk satu lagi kontroversi: Barangan Prestasi M untuk kereta yang sama!

Pertama, ekzos quad yang dipasang di tengah. Modul tailpipe trim M Performance dan sistem peredam titanium ini. AMARAN, ianya kurang menyenangkan dipandang dan jika anda menghidap trypophobia, gambar close-up boleh membuatkan anda mual sedikit. Kami juga tidak pasti bagaimana ianya layak digelar sebagai diffuser, tetapi mungkin para jurutera mereka menganggapkan bentuk ini berkesan.

Keatas sedikit, terdapat dua pilihan. Spoiler / sayap ducktail, terus terang, adalah sentuhan yang bagus. Tetapi spoiler belakang karbon M Performance penuh terlalu ‘in-you-face’. Rasanya macam ala-ricer dalam pelaksanaannya. Apa pendapat anda?

Di bahagian depan dan di sisinya lebih kurang juga. Pemisah depan karbon M Performance bergabung dengan Carbon Performance Aero Flicks untuk menambah wajah M3 baru yang memang sudah sibuk.

Alat pernafasan udara M Performance dan skirt sisi karbon M Performance dijumpai. Kami tidak pasti mengenai pelekat geometri baharu ini yang menampilkan warna BMW M. Sama seperti reka bentuk kereta yang lain, rasanya terlalu sibuk dan tidak dilaksanakan dengan baik.

Reka bentuk roda mungkin penyelamat untuk M Performance Pack ini. Atau mungkin kita kehabisan tenaga dan menyerah sajalah di sini. Roda Y-spoke Performance 963M forged dalam Frozen Gunmetal Grey (kiri bawah) adalah penampilan kegemaran kami. Walau bagaimanapun, reka bentuk ‘hero’ di sini adalah roda spoke-bersilang 1000M dalam warna matt Emas Gangsa (kiri atas) atau matt Jet-Hitam (kanan bawah). Rim M Performance ini berperingkat 19 ″ dan 20 ″ atau 20 ″ dan 21 ″ bergantung pada reka bentuknya.


With numerous innovations in the areas of drive, brake and suspension systems, the new BMW M3 Sedan and the new BMW M4 Coupé (fuel consumption combined: 10.8 l/100 km [26.2 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 248 g/km) and the new BMW M3 Competition Sedan and the new BMW M4 Competition Coupé (fuel consumption combined: 10.2 l/100 km [27.7 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 234 g/km) will soon set new benchmarks in the segment of high-performance sedans and coupes. Their newly developed, straight six-cylinder engines are performance-enhanced vs. the previous generation and provide the basis for this. Two performance levels are available: In addition to a 353 kW/480 hp variant with 6-speed manual shift, each model will also go on sale as a Competition model delivering 375 kW/510 hp and featuring an 8-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic. The M TwinPower Turbo Technology and the high-revving concept featured by the power units impress with performance characteristics derived directly from motor racing – without restricting the traditionally high level of everyday suitability of BMW M models. In order to emphasise the motor racing DNA of the new BMW M3 Sedan and the new BMW M4 Coupé even more, an extensive range of M Performance Parts will also be available at market launch of the two models in March of next year. They facilitate advanced individualisation of the vehicles’ striking design and further enhancement of their dynamic handling qualities. 

The high-quality range of accessories was developed in collaboration with the BMW M GmbH based on experience gained on the world’s racetracks and the extensive know-how of their motorsport specialists. The components, which have been specifically aligned to the character of both the new BMW M3 Sedan and the new BMW M4 Coupé, sharpen their extremely sporty appearance even further. Moreover, for the most part, they also fulfil functional requirements in terms of lightweight construction and aerodynamics – thus noticeably enhancing the excellent dynamic characteristics of both high-performance models.

Suspension and sound even more closely linked to motorsport. 
A perfect example of how M Performance Parts usually not only further sharpen a car’s looks but also its performance is demonstrated by the M Performance silencer system, titanium. The lightweight exhaust system with flap control, developed specifically for M models and based on experience gained from motor racing, weighs around five kilograms less than the mass-produced component and also provides for an even sportier driving experience thanks to optimised exhaust gas routing. The highly emotionalising sound, which is similar to that experienced in motorsport, has been adapted to the individual driving programs. The four titanium, ceramic-coated tailpipe trims provide for an unmistakeably striking appearance. 

The M Performance sports suspension was developed and tuned on various different racetracks and is also directly associated with motor racing. The coilover suspension permits an infinitely variable reduction of ride height of between five and twenty millimetres (recommended lowering -10 mm vs. the M base model). With unchanged damper adjustment, the driver benefits from a lower centre of gravity, reduced rolling movement and even higher cornering speeds. In addition to increased dynamics, lowering also enhances the sporty looks.

Directly derived from the BMW Motorsport long-distance brake pads, M Performance sports brake pads guarantee shorter braking distances, better response characteristics and high thermal resistance. Drivers in particular who frequently also wish to explore the performance potential of their BMW M3 Sedan or M4 Coupé on the racetrack, will be thrilled, among other things, with the vehicle’s exceptionally dynamic steering behaviour when braking before a bend compared to the standard configuration.

High-tech material carbon sharpens looks even further. 
The high-tech material carbon is characterised by a high degree of rigidity and stiffness whilst being extremely light.  Consequently, carbon fibre reinforced plastic is used above all in many areas of motorsport, where visible carbon components fascinate with the mesh structure that is so characteristic of this material. Not least for this reason, M Performance exterior components exude a high degree of motorsport atmosphere – and are perfectly suitable for effectively sharpening the sporty looks of the BMW M3 Sedan and the BMW M4 Coupé even further. For example, the M Performance carbon front attachment, the M Performance carbon front splitter and the carbon M Performance Aero Flicks provide for a particularly striking look. Viewed from the side, the M Performance carbon air breathers set an eye-catching accent and M Performance carbon side skirt trims make the vehicle appear longer. At the rear, the M Performance carbon rear winglets and the distinctive M Performance carbon rear spoiler add the perfect finishing touches to the vehicle’s appearance.

All this is topped by the M Performance carbon rear diffuser combined with the M Performance titanium silencer system and the M Performance titanium tailpipe trim module with ceramic coating and black matt finish. The M Performance carbon/titanium tailpipe trims also offer a sporty option for individualising the standard exhaust system of the BMW M3 Sedan and the BMW M4 Coupé. The high-performance models can be customised even further with the M Performance Motorsport foiling. The decor set contains adhesive foils for each side in the three BMW M colours blue, red and purple and is tailor-made to match the vehicle geometry. 

Forged wheels in sizes of up to 21 inches and mixed tyres.
At the time of market launch, the range of M Performance Parts for the new BMW M3 Sedan and the new BMW M4 Coupé comprises two complete sets of summer wheels. Entry level is the M Performance Y-spoke forged wheel 963M in Frozen Gunmetal Grey with M Performance lettering and mixed tyres, 19 inches at the front and 20 inches at the rear. It convinces with its unique geometry and guarantees a high degree of stiffness and low weight as well as reduced air resistance particularly at high speeds. Highlight of the wheel range for the summer is the BMW M Performance cross-spoke forged wheel 1000M in Gold Bronze matt or Jet-Black matt with M Performance lettering. The wheels are available exclusively from M Performance Parts in the sizes 20 inch at the front and 21 inch at the rear.

Perfect traction in winter: snow chain-capable 19-inch wheel set. 
M Performance Parts also offers the snow chain-capable, 19-inch double spoke complete winter wheel 829M for safe driving on snow and ice. The rim, which is finished in black matt, is ideal for coping with winter conditions and is particularly easy to clean. We recommend M Performance Tyre Bags for optimal storage and convenient transportation of wheel sets currently not fitted. They are suitable for 17-inch to 22-inch complete wheels, protect them from dirt and guarantee clear allocation of the tyres thanks to their respective markings. Moreover, with their distinctive M Performance design they emit a generous portion of motor racing flair in the home garage.

Carbon and Alcantara enhance motorsport flair in the interior.
Customers are also able to further upgrade the sporty and comfortable interior of their BMW M3 Sedan or BMW M4 Coupé in many ways, both visually and functionally, using motorsport-inspired components from the range of M Performance Parts. As soon as the door is opened, the M Performance doorsill with carbon insert and M Performance coloured lettering conveys unadulterated motor racing flair. Furthermore, thanks to M Performance lettering, a flag with M colours and edging in leather look including decorative stitching in contrasting colours, the perfectly matching M Performance front and rear floor mats convey the extremely dynamic exterior design into the vehicle’s interior. M Performance carbon interior trims also contribute towards this. They inspire with a fascinating combination of open-pored, matt-coated carbon and elegant Alcantara. They are manufactured by hand using a complex process, so each of them is a unique one-off. M Performance Alcantara kneepads on the centre console round off the range of interior features.

The M Performance Pro steering wheel is characterised by the use of the material Alcantara, which is very common in motor racing not least due to its grip properties. Therefore, the pronounced Alcantara gripping area with large thumb rests and special lining offers the driver maximum grip and a highly direct steering feel. Further motorsport-inspired features include the blue centre marker in the 12 o’clock position and a handstitched M seam finished in M colours. In addition to the standard leather-covered steering wheel trim, the optional M Performance steering wheel trim Carbon/Alcantara and, optionally, the M Performance steering wheel Carbon/Leather each with M Performance lettering are available. The M Performance steering wheel can be further upgraded with M Performance carbon shift paddles covered with an open-pored carbon fabric instead of the standard chrome surface.

The M Performance slide set for the BMW LED door projectors guarantees eye-catching effects when entering and exiting the vehicle. When the door is opened, the BMW M logo and other M Performance motifs are projected onto the asphalt. When locking and unlocking the vehicle, the driver is able to experience the M Performance concept both visually and by touch with the M Performance key wallet finished in high-quality Alcantara and boasting a carbon insert. The wallet is firmly connected with the car key by means of a hexagonal head screw in M Light Blue, allowing the key to be easily rotated into the wallet, protecting it from scratches and any other damage.

The M Performance Indoor Car Cover reliably protects the vehicle against soiling and scratches while it is parked in the garage. The cover, which is delivered in a practical carrier bag, is made of elastic, breathable polyester with a soft lining that is gentle on paintwork and is machine washable. The car cover fits snugly to the car body and emphasises various design features such as the double kidney grille, for example, with the coloured M logo and M Performance lettering.

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