BMW Group Dan Daimler Tamatkan Kerjasama Teknologi Kereta Panduan-Sendiri

Nampaknya kesan ekonomi coronavirus cukup menyakitkan bagi saingan Daimler AG dan BMW Group sampai terpaksa menghentikan beberapa rancangan mereka. Tahun lalu, kedua-duanya memutuskan untuk bekerjasama dengan FREE NOW serta teknologi pemanduan autonomi masa depan. Walaupun yang pertama tampaknya masih berjalan dengan baik di Eropah, pengembangan bersama teknologi panduan sendiri sedang ditangguhkan.

autonomous driving

Terdapat dua sebab yang dinyatakan. Pertama, kos untuk membangunkan platform bersama adalah besar. Kedua, kesan coronavirus terhadap ekonomi global telah menjadikan ketetapan waktu projek ini memudaratkan. Ianya teruk sekali hinggakan BMW juga akan memotong ribuan pekerjaan.

Mereka berdua mengatakan bahawa projek itu berkemungkinan akan ditangguh kemudian selagi kedua-dua syarikat tetap fokus pada nilai yang sama iaitu keselamatan dan faedah pelanggan dalam bidang pemanduan automatik.

Kenyataan Media

The BMW Group and Mercedes-Benz AG are putting their cooperation on development of next-generation technology for automated driving temporarily on hold. Following extensive review, the two companies have arrived at a mutual and amicable agreement to concentrate on their existing development paths – which may also include working with current or new partners. Both explicitly wished to emphasise that cooperation may be resumed at a later date and that the two organisations’ underlying approach to matters such as safety and customer benefits in the field of automated driving remains highly compatible.

The BMW Group and Mercedes-Benz AG are both working separately on current generations for highly-automated driving and have achieved major progress in this field in the past. However, the BMW Group and Mercedes-Benz AG were unable to hold detailed expert discussions and talk to suppliers about technology roadmaps until the contract was signed last year. In these talks – and after extensive review – both sides concluded that, in view of the expense involved in creating a shared technology platform, as well as current business and economic conditions, the timing is not right for successful implementation of the cooperation.

“We have systematically further developed our technology and scalable platform with partners like Intel, Mobileye, FCA and Ansys,” said Klaus Fröhlich, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Development. “Our current technology generation offers very strong, sustainable potential: With extremely powerful sensors and computing power, our robust modular system puts us in an excellent position to offer our customers what they need for many years.”

Markus Schäfer, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG; responsible for Daimler Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars COO: “Our expertise complements that of the BMW Group very well, as our successful collaborations have proved. Next to decarbonisation, digitalization is a central strategic pillar for Mercedes-Benz. To prepare for the future challenges of a rapidly changing environment, we are currently also sounding out other possibilities with partners outside the automotive sector.”

Both companies also underlined that they would continue working in close cooperation in the remaining fields as planned. In 2015, the two companies joined with Audi AG to acquire the location and technology platform HERE, which now has a very broad and international shareholder structure. In early 2019, the BMW Group and Daimler AG also pooled their mobility services in a joint venture under the umbrella of the NOW family.

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