Allianz General Melancarkan Servis Penggantian Cermin Depan ‘On-The-Go’ Dan Pembaikan Rumah ‘Quick Repairs’

Proses tuntutan insurans cermin depan kadang-kadang terlalu lama tetapi Allianz General menjanjikan perkhidmatan Allianz Windscreen Replacement On-the-Go yang baharu.

Tersedia untuk semua pemegang polisi Allianz Motor Comprehensive dengan perlindungan cermin depan, perkhidmatan ini membolehkan temu janji dalam masa satu jam setelah pemberitahuan dari pelanggan.

Kerja pembaikan atau penggantian dapat diselesaikan di lokasi pilihan pelanggan dalam masa tiga jam, dengan penggantian kaca asli yang disokong dengan jaminan sepanjang hayat.

Di samping itu, syarikat ini juga menawarkan perkhidmatan Quick Repairs/Pembaikan Pantas untuk kediaman dan pemilik bangunan komersial yang merupakan pemegang polisi Allianz General Houseowner dan Householder serta pemegang polisi insurans Allianz General Fire.

Kontraktor di lokasi akan tiba dalam masa 24 jam dari pemberitahuan. Pelanggan boleh memilih kontraktor pilihan Allianz General jika mereka mahukan pembaikan segera.

Kenyataan Media

Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad’s (Allianz General) customers can now expect on-the-go windscreen replacement and quick repairs for homes and commercial buildings with no payment or documentation required.

The Allianz Windscreen Replacement On-the-Go service is available for all Allianz Motor Comprehensive policyholders with windscreen cover who are in need of the service within the Klang Valley. It allows Allianz General to set up an appointment with our customers to carry out repairs or replacements to their cracked or damaged windscreens, within one hour following notification from a customer. The repair or replacement service is to be completed at the customers’ location of choice within three hours and the Company will also provide genuine glass replacements with a lifetime warranty.

“For today’s customer, speed of service and convenience is everything. What more, when they are in a bind and in need of a quick solutions. So, we are doing away with the hassle of forms, wait-time and tedious claims processes by providing immediate attention and efficient service to our customers wherever they are,” said Damian Williams, Head of Claims, Allianz General.

“Our customers just need to pick up the phone, call us and one of our Allianz-branded cars we’ll go to them wherever they are within the Klang Valley to provide them with replacement or repair services. It is that simple,” added Damian.

The quick repair service offered to homes and commercial buildings is available to Allianz General Houseowner and Householder policyholders as well as Allianz General Fire insurance policyholders (commercial building) in the Klang Valley. Upon notification, customers can expect an on-site contractor to arrive at the location within 24-hours and for immediate fixes, customers can even opt to engage Allianz General’s preferred contractor. For commercial buildings, this service will include rebuilding, repairing, and restoring what was damaged.

“We completely understand the stress that comes with needing to repair a burst pipe or repair damaged roofing due to a fallen tree. You want it done as quickly as possible, but with trusted personnel that you know will provide good workmanship and quality products. We want our customers to know that they can depend on us. Plus, with the option to use our preferred contractor, they can rest knowing the service level will be of a standard that we approve of,” said Damian.

The Allianz Windscreen Replacement On-the-Go and Quick Repairs services are provided from Monday to Saturday, 9.00am to 6.00pm.

Allianz General customers in need of these services can contact 1800-22-5542.

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