BMW M8 Gran Turismo Talaan G-Power Dapat 820Bhp

BMW M8 Competition convertible 2020 dijual kira-kira EUR176,000 di Eropah dan dilengkapi dengan kuasa 625bhp dan tork maksima 750Nm. Maksudnya M8 Competition Convertible yang keluar dari ruang pameran boleh memecut dari 0-100km / j dalam hanya 3.3 saat.

Walau bagaimanapun, syarikat tuning G-Power seperti banyak pembeli kereta berpendapat bahawa kuasa ini tidak mencukupi untuk cruiser lebuh raya yang kelihatan tampan ini dan oleh itu para jurutera mereka telah mengerjakan BMW 4.4 liter S63B44T4 enjin lapan silinder ini untuk menghasilkan 820bhp. Peningkatan 195bhp.

BHPetrol RON95 Euro 4M

Untuk hanya EUR22,085 penala ini mengubah drop-top highway cruiser ini kepada mesin trek dengan hampir 1,000 Newton meter tork maksimum. Ia mungkin mahal, tetapi anda mendapat masa pecutan 0-100km / h hanya 2.7 saat (0.6 saat lebih pantas dan ini akan mengubah hidup anda?) dan kelajuan tertinggi 340km / j.

G-Power Tuned Gran Turismo BMW M8
G-Power Tuned Gran Turismo BMW M8
G-Power Tuned Gran Turismo BMW M8
G-Power Tuned Gran Turismo BMW M8
G-Power Tuned Gran Turismo BMW M8

Siaran Media: For more than 35 years the brand G-POWER has stood for optimized BMWs with extraordinary performance values. The fitting platform is traditionally mostly one of the top models, which are built in the hallowed production halls of BMW M GmbH.

This was also the case for the latest creation by the G-POWER specialists, headquartered in the Swabian part of Bavaria. The G-POWER G8M Bi-TURBO is based on the equally sporty and luxurious M8 Competition Cabriolet.

In its standard production version, the open Gran Turismo already features the extremely powerful S63B44T4 eight-cylinder engine with an output of 625 hp and 750 Nm. It is even more brutishly powerful following transformation to the G8M Bi-TURBO – with a whopping output of 820 hp (603 kW) and 1,000 Nm torque!

To achieve these values, G-POWER relies on a combination of software and hardware upgrades and on the one hand installs the GP-820 performance software, which includes individual, optimized programming of the maps on the factory engine control unit.

On the other hand, upgrade turbochargers with a larger compressor wheel plus improved turbine wheel and CNC-milled housings, downpipes with or without sports catalytic converters that reduce exhaust gas back pressure, and a titanium exhaust system are used. The latter produces a rousing sound backdrop that is even reminiscent of motorsport vehicles. The tailpipes are carbon-tipped.

The 820 hp version is the most powerful performance upgrade for the M8, and two further upgrades are available. The entry-level upgrade is the increase to 720 hp (529 kW) and 850 Nm, which is achieved exclusively via the GP-720 performance software.

In between is the version with 770 hp (566 kW) and 930 Nm, in which case the BMW gets the GP-770 performance software and the downpipes with sports catalytic converters.

The G-POWER G8M Bi-TURBO stands out visually thanks to its HURRICANE RR forged wheels. The lightweight, ultra-strong twin-spoke wheels boast a 21- inch format, a black diamond cut finish and Michelin tires in the sizes 285/30 ZR21 and 295/30 ZR21.

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