Pernah Dengar & Kenal Motosikal Caballero?

Dari sebuah syarikat bernama Fantic.

Kami terserempak dengan motosikal yang kelihatan retro ini baru-baru ini di Jepun dan agak hairan kerana kami tidak tahu mengenainya di Malaysia. Kami terus menyiasat mengenainya dan nampaknya jenama ‘Caballero’ membuat kebangkitan semula pada 2015 di Eicma Trade Show di Milan.

Beberapa hari selepas pertunjukan, nama Motosikal Caballero terus disebut-sebut di kalangan pengedar motosikal Eropah yang mahukan perniagaannya. Pelancaran perdana dunia di Milan 5 tahun yang lalu, pastinya salah satu daripada selebriti terkenal pameran tersebut, membawa puluhan ribu pelawat di tapak Fantic dan menarik perhatian besar media antarabangsa kepada motosikal yang dimiliki Fantic yang baharu. Fantic adalah nama syarikat Itali yang mengeluarkan motosikal Caballero.

Syarikat Itali ini bermula pada tahun 1968, mengilang dan mengeksport motosikal enduro, motosikal mini dan go kart. Hari ini mereka terus dalam genre yang sama, walaupun nama-nama telah berubah menjadi duai-sport dan motard (supermoto).

Caballero Motorcycles
Caballero Motorcycles
Caballero Motorcycles
Caballero Motorcycles
Caballero Motorcycles
Caballero Motorcycles


Fantic CEO, Mariano Roman on the success of Caballero: “We knew before the Trade Show that we have developed a very good bike, but the great success that happened during the fair and all the fantastic appreciation received from insiders, journalists and fans for our brand really surprised us and give us a lot of energy every day. We will do our best to realize a great project, which you know, for us is not only a motorcycle, but it represents all our passion. It’s going to be incredible. “

BHPetrol RON95 Euro 4M

Aggressive and elegant, compact and high performance on road and off-road: the new Caballero range of motorcycles, just like its historical predecessor, distinguishes itself through its unique style.

After the 2015 fair, in all the articles and mentions by the most important motorcycle magazines and specialized webzine positioned the Caballero range high on their ‘want to ride’ list. The great interest around the product is also proven by the fact that it was the “Most clicked” bike from the show, as stated by the same magazines.

 The Caballero range has three different engine sizes; 125, 250 and 500cc.

Instead two different versions will be launched: a ‘Scrambler’ version suitable for use ‘on’ and ‘off-road’ and a ‘Flat-Track’ version. The return of the Caballero in the market will take place during the summer.

In March 2017 however, it will be launched the new web site dedicated to the Caballero World – – that will showcase the model range and that will allow visitors to join the community of fans or register to be contacted as soon as it will be announced and available the pre-order.

 The 2015 model range was just 50, 125 e & 250cc

Even the new range Enduro and Motard is certainly not gone unnoticed to the public of the Milan Show. The new bikes in 2017 have been completely renovated in all their components, with significant improvements introduced in terms of off-road riding thanks to the new CrMo frames and ergonomics, new plastics and saddles. 

A further appreciation went for the high quality Arrow exhausts om the 250cc model. Completely revised aesthetics and components on the bikes are now available in two color variants: the traditional factory livery White-Red-Blue and the aggressive Black edition, with Black-Red-White graphics.

There is also good sales success of the 50cc models among young guys, who are taken by aesthetics, performance and the very high technical and quality construction of these motorcycles.

So who should be the brand guardian here in Malaysia? Naza Bikes or the fast moving guys at Didi Resources who operate at Gasket Alley?

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