Kia Membangunkan SUV Seterus Mereka Khusus Untuk Pasaran India

Ekspo Auto Delhi 2020 adalah di mana Kia akan mendedahkan crossover seterus mereka. Kenderaan yang belum diketahui ini dikatakan sebagai tawaran ketiga dari Kia untuk India selepas Seltos dan Karnival.

Crossover yang akan datang ini telah dilakar ramai dengan rupa yang jauh menyerupai produk siap. Tetapi jika ini adalah tawaran ketiga Kia di India dan tiada produk lain yang sedia ada akan dilancarkan di sana, maka ianya selamat untuk menganggap bahawa bentuk terakhir kenderaan itu hampir dekat dengan pengeluaran.

Sukar untuk membuat ramalan yang tepat, kerana banyak unsur, seperti rim, ditunjukkan dengan cara yang tidak seimbang, tetapi ini boleh menjadi apa-apa dari kenderaan bersaiz Sportage atau kenderaan bersaiz CX-8 dengan tiga baris kerusi. Mungkin juga sebuah crossover segmen B yang lebih kecil untuk melengkapkan Seltos yang sedia ada. Kami benar-benar tidak pasti, tetapi selamat untuk mengatakan kami tidak akan melihatnya dalam masa terdekat.

Kia memasuki pasaran India pada tahun 2019 dan juga pergi ke sana untuk membuka kemudahan pengeluaran di sana, di mana Seltos dihasilkan.

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Kia Motors India, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kia Motors Corporation, today revealed a sneak-peek of its upcoming concept compact SUV from its stable. The concept will be globally unveiled at the upcoming Delhi Auto Expo 2020 and is the third offering of Kia for India. With its modern, dynamic and bold design, this concept will be a testimony of Kia’s focus on consumer-insight driven product innovation and orientation. This bold concept along with its head-turning looks, dimensions, and features will embody Kia’s ‘Power to Surprise’ slogan in India.

About Kia’s India Manafacturing Hub

Kia Motors Corporation has officially opened its new Indian production facility today in Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh. Following a USD 1.1 billion investment by Kia, the new Kia Motors India (KMI) manufacturing plant is now fully operational.

The grand opening ceremony takes place just two years after construction began in the fourth quarter of 2017. The KMI plant is the new production home for Kia’s first ‘made in India’ product, the Seltos compact SUV, with other models to follow in the future.

The first model manufactured by KMI is the new Seltos compact SUV. The Seltos, launched in India in August, was met with strong sales. A total of 40,649 units were sold as of November 2019.

Kia’s plans for the Indian new car market include the production of additional models at KMI and an expanded product portfolio. Kia will commence production of its premium MPV model at KMI in early 2020. The brand also plans to introduce a new sub-compact SUV model to the market later that year, strengthening its Utility Vehicle brand image in India.

As Kia’s Indian product portfolio grows, the brand has already introduced a bold new digital sales strategy for all models sold in India along with an online sales channel, enabling every phase of car purchase online. The company will also enhance its aftersales services for customers with the launch of a new 24-hour real-time mobile service for vehicle maintenance, including service reservation, vehicle diagnosis and payment.

Kia plans to strengthen its offline presence as well. Already established with 265 touchpoints and service centers in 160 different cities, it will add an additional 50 touchpoints and services centers by March, 2020.

Echoing the brand’s global reputation as a tech innovator, Kia will also strengthen its brand image in India with the launch of a series of new ‘connected’ telematics technologies for Indian customers. With the launch of new vehicles in India, Kia will roll-out a series of new features to its product portfolio, including next-generation e-Call telematics, advanced GPS and navigation systems, remote ignition, real-time traffic monitoring, and a range of comfort-oriented features.

Kia recently opened a BEAT360 brand experience center in the city of Gurugram, near New Delhi, to better engage with customers. The company is also expanding its business across India with a new partnership with ride-hailing service Ola. Kia invested USD 60 million to India’s leading car-hailing service provider Ola. Customers will be able to enjoy innovative mobility services including on-demand test drive, vehicle subscription. Kia also partnered with Revv, car-sharing service leader in Indian, preparing to introduce an integrated fleet solution of vehicle supply and maintenance.

The Anantapur production facility is capable of producing up to around 300,000 units each year, boosting Kia’s total global manufacturing volume as it enters the world’s fifth-largest new car market. The plant occupies around 23 million square feet (2.16 km/ 536 acres) and incorporates facilities for stamping, welding, painting and assembly. In addition to gasoline and diesel variants of the Seltos, production of future electric and hybrid vehicles was put into consideration when designing the KMI plant production lines.

The plant is equipped with more than 450 robots, helping to automate the press, body and paint shops, as well as the assembly line. Additionally, the area around KMI is home to numerous supplier companies’ facilities. Kia’s presence in Anantapur has helped to create over 12,000 new direct and indirect jobs across the region.

The facility also aligns with Kia’s global focus on quality, with a control center ensuring the highest manufacturing standards. The final stage of the plant’s production process is an advanced quality assessment and evaluation, carried out in tandem with suppliers to enable all parties to benefit from findings. Kia’s quality control measures ensure continuous improvements to product quality, bolstering the brand’s hard-won reputation for reliability.

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