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Kia Niro Hybrid Dilancarkan Di Singapura. Malaysia bila?

Cycle & Carriage Kia mengumumkan pelancaran crossover Kia Niro Hybrid yang ditambah baik minggu lepas di Singapura; membawa pelbagai peningkatan dan komitmen Kia yang menyegarkan ke arah masa depan yang mampan dengan pembangunan kenderaan eko dan elektrik.

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Sejak jualan bermula pada tahun 2016, lebih daripada 275,000 contoh Niro telah dijual di seluruh dunia, dengan lebih daripada 100,000 unit dijual di Eropah. Niro crossover adalah model terlaris kelima Kia di Eropah pada tahun 2018, dengan jualan meningkat 33% kepada 45,255 unit – termasuk 34,642 hibrid dan 9,951 hibrid plug-in. Barisan Niro berkembang pada akhir tahun 2018 dengan pelancaran e-Niro elektrik sepenuhnya.

Kia Niro Hybrid yang ditambahbaik membawa kemas kini, keselamatan dan kemas kini teknologi yang memastikan ia selaras dengan saudara semua-elektriknya, Niro EV (kenderaan elektrik).

Sebagai tambahan kepada penambahbaikan yang dilakukan, Kia Niro Hybrid akan diklasifikasi semula sebagai kenderaan ‘Kategori A’, menjadikannya lebih bersaing dan menarik dalam segmen hibrid semasa.


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Uncompromised performance and drive

Boasting an impressive 25km per litre fuel efficient performance, the 1.6-litre ‘Kappa’ GDI engine produces a total output of 130ps horsepower and 170Nm of torque.

Enhanced quality and technology

On the inside, the top of the dashboard now features a soft-touch coating and new gloss black and satin chrome details. The redesigned centre console creates more storage space at the base of the dashboard – including a wireless smartphone charging pad.

Within the dashboard sits the all-new 8-inch LCD touchscreen infotainment system that comes equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

Drivers will also be thrilled with the ventilated front seats, offering a cool and refreshing drive in Singapore’s tropical climate.

Style meets functionality

Retaining the futuristic and aerodynamic ‘tiger-nose’ grille, exterior changes as part of the Kia Niro Hybrid’s facelift consist of restyled front and rear bumpers, LED headlamps and taillamps as well as LED daytime running lights in a double-arrow layout.

In addition, the versatility of its folding seats offers a staggering 1,434 litres of boot space, making it truly functional and adaptable for any lifestyle choice.

Excellent safety features

There are also updates to the Kia Niro’s existing safety technology – the model now comes with driver-assisted safety features such as Lane Keeping Assist, which uses forward-looking cameras to detect the edges of the driving lane before automatically steering the driver within the intended lane. This new feature comes standard in both EX and SX variants of the Kia Niro Hybrid.

Other familiar features include the advanced 7-airbag system, Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA), Vehicle Stability Management (VSM), Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Blindspot Collision Warning which prompts audio and visual alerts of the approaching vehicles in the blind spot to the driver to make lane changes an easier and safer one.

“We are excited to introduce the improved Kia Niro Hybrid to Singapore. The previous Kia Niro edition has been extremely popular among drivers and we are confident that with the new driver-centric enhancements including its impressive fuel efficiency and technology, the improved Kia Niro Hybrid will be the smart choice that discerning drivers are seeking,” said Mr Royston Soh, Divisional Manager, Head of Kia Sales & Marketing.

The improved Kia Niro Hybrid will debut at Cars@Expo over 5 and 6 October 2019. Prices for EX and SX variants start from SG108,999 and SG118,999 respectively (COE as per 27 September 2019). Cycle & Carriage also offers 10-year lithium battery warranty to give drivers an additional peace of mind.

In conjunction with Kia’s Year End Spree, customers who book a Kia at the Cars@Expo can receive up to SG2,500 credits to build their customised gift package with accessories, vouchers and more.

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